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Now everyone can send their own custom made sticker packs on WhatsApp to their friends and family members. Thanks to the newly launched advanced Android application platform “WAStickerApps” which gives users the advanced options to create self-made stickers. Here we go with the details about this android mobile application.

Using WAStickerApps, the WhatsApp users can create their own custom stickers pack to make their WhatsApp chats more interesting and expressive. Since the WhatsApp sticker features launched it going to be viral as faster as it shows the interesting festive stickers and other options of customization.

WhatsApp Stickers for OccasionsDuring this season of colours, Holi & on other upcoming occasions, If you want to make your friends and family chats interesting, then you can get the multiple options & tools of stickers customization, when you download WAStickerApps from Google Play Store. The regional language options give the instant hit to the application users, and they would like to share their more creative self-made stickers with making fun on chats with their friends and family.

The more we have in our sticker packs or sticker box for the users are:

We serve 1000+ Love Stickers, Valentine Stickers for lovers which you can share with your loved ones to impress them and to express your gratitude to them. Love Stickers For Whatsapp with wastickersapps compatible stickers. Plus we have all valentine week stickers like Rose Day Stickers, Propose Day Stickers, Hug Day Stickers, Chocolate Day Stickers, Kiss Day Stickers, Teddy Day Stickers, Promise Day Stickers and most loved Valentine Day Stickers, Holi WhatsApp stickers.Stickers for valentine week

WAStickerApps is the most trendy and easy way of sending custom stickers on instant messaging WhatsApp mobile application.

Let Spill into the Process of How to Use it:

To use the WAStickerApps & for custom made WAStickerApps Maker, open your Google Play Store and download the application. From WAStickerApps, you can choose the stickers which are offered in the applications and if you want to create your own pack then use WAStickerApps Maker. Before creating your own WhatsApp sticker pack, it asks you to sticker pack’s name and author.

WhatsApp sticker pack

Then, a new page will be open, where you can create your own stickers to send them to the users. It gives you the tray icons to add them in your new stickers, and you cannot use the tray stickers as the custom one.

In a single WhatsApp sticker pack, you can add up to 30 custom made stickers and use it to send them to your WhatsApp chats. After creating the stickers click on the publish button to get the live stickers on your WhatsApp, which you have designed to share with your friends and family.

How Different WAStickerApps & WAStickerApps Maker Application is from Other Similar Applications:

  • It serves all sort of stickers and it ordered into different categories to simpler the access.
  • It provides the custom stickers options also to help you to create the stickers on its own.
  • The background of the stickers are transparent which looks manifesting and highlight your message.
  • Adding emojis with stickers make it even more better. And also you will get simple tools which help you to erase the background of your selected image.
  • An art brush tool will also be displayed in the maker toolbar which you can use to design your own expressions in stickers.

You can share your sticker packs with your friends also using the share option in the WAStickerApps Maker and can enjoy the unlimited fun in your chats using your own designed WhatsApp stickers.

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