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Cloud is changing our lives in many ways. We’re all in the cloud! We use cloud in our daily life – Email, Google drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Netflix, Adobe creative cloud etc.

We need to understand what is “The Cloud”.The word “cloud” is used as a metaphor for “The Internet.” So the phrase cloud computing means a type of Internet-based computing,” where different services — such as servers, storage and applications — are delivered to an organization’s computers and devices through the Internet. (Source: Webopedia )

  • One of the fastest growing technology in IT.

  • Cloud is on-demand service.

  • You have to pay for only what you use.

  • Access data anytime from anywhere just with an Internet connection

Cloud computing is transforming the way that people do business but it can also impact our everyday lives and the way that we use technology. Personal lives can be affected by cloud computing because of its ability to access, analyze, store and share information. Cloud computing has already created changes in the way that people interact with one another.

See this SlideShare presentation which is focused on cloud’s impact in everyday life.

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