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The Covid-19 recession, followed by social distancing and nationwide closure, we have a major impact on businesses. No matter how established they are, the way they reconsider or manage and operate their business, including their business plan, is important.

It has become difficult for most companies to maintain their financial coverage during this lockdown period due to lower revenue declines and general uncertainty in the global financial environment. Not only this, but managing customers has also been a challenging task for every organization. Everyone nowadays works digitally as no one wants to lose the business. To improve this, they had adopted many solutions from cloud telephony solution to video conferencing tools. Sarv is a collection of these services. Read More


There are some marketers, who follow traditional methods and do not take risks. Then there are those who love to take risks, the only thing that matters to them is success. Those marketers who are non-risk takers might say that content marketing is dead or it is not worth it. Well, there are several who still believe in content marketing and to be honest, these believers are right.

So whenever someone says that content marketing is dead, shoot any of these content marketing statistics on them. Be proud of this practice. So let’s dive into the real juice of the article. Read More


Working in an office is a way different environment than working at home. Colleagues around, with systems and the time arrangements, makes life easy in the office. But, during WFH, maintaining office work with household chores for both men and women has become a challenging task which leads to less productivity. So setting up all the things like an office at home for more productivity, you can follow up below-mentioned points: Read More


Everyone is still stuck at their home. Going out just for fun or traveling is not safe anymore. All of these because of a deadly virus outbreak that turned into a pandemic months ago. So many events got canceled, schools got closed, businesses started to go digital, all these in less than 3 months. Businesses with no ‘Work From Home’ in their dictionary, have started adopting it. No one was ready for this, but now, all these have become new normal for all of us.

One thing we all are still not ready for is a video conference/ call. I also used to struggle a lot before a video call. It might be one of the most hyped things in 2020 but not for everyone. If you are one of those people who are attending a lot of video calls or conferences then this article is specifically for you. Then let’s get started.

What is in the Frame:

Whenever you are about to join a video conference, make sure about your surroundings. Ask yourself questions like, ‘What are the things that can come and go into the frame’, ‘what is already in the frame?’ When you find the answers, make a list of it and see if it is ok or not to be in the frame with all that.

Start by placing yourself facing the light. This way, your colleagues or video conference participants will be able to see you more clearly. Try to eliminate any noise source near you. Keep all the windows in the room closed.

There is a software called Sarv Wave. It eliminates surrounding noise with the help of an extension. You can try this if you like.

Application Preference:

Everyone has their favorite app that they always use to connect with people. I prefer video conferencing with friends, family, and colleagues. Why? Because it is platform-independent, and you do not need to install the application to join or host a meeting. This makes connectivity a lot faster and flexible.

I know there are many video calling applications already available in the market. But why I choose this has my reasons. Try to make a list of your preferences first, then compare all these platforms and align it with your preferences.

Free The Internet and RAM:

Two things that can make your video conferencing worse are the Internet and RAM usage. Video conferencing solutions that are already out there use too much of both the internet and RAM. So if you are running some heavy software like Aftereffects, Photoshop, AndroidStudio, Code editors, then it will cause glitches or lag in the conference. This happens because your computer is unable to process video and audio simultaneously, and this ends up in a pixelated and laggy conference.

The same happens when you are unable to access high-speed internet. It can be due to anything. Someone, on the same network, might be streaming video games, watching series/ movies online, or downloads might be running on your system. Due to any of these, your software is unable to access high-speed internet. The software I use, Sarv Wave, works on low bandwidth and works on any browser you are already working on. So due to that, it needs 55% fewer data than others and less RAM usage too.

An alternate solution for the internet connection is, go wired. Use a LAN cable to connect yourself with the Internet. This will eliminate any interruption in between. But, this might cause a problem for your family members until your meeting is over. Also, you can eject LAN for yourself like this daily as Wi-Fi was supposed to be for everyone.

Early Is Always Good:

If your meeting is in the evening at 5 then DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT wait for the exact time to log in. Sometimes, you may face software issues, your system just froze, or the router is not playing along.

If you face these right at the moment then it will cause you a delay in joining a meeting. And we all know, this delay can reflect on your performance chart in HR and no one wants that. So whenever you have a meeting, prepare yourself 15 minutes before that.

The Backup Plan:

As the last note, I will say that always keep your backup plans ready. Like, if you are doing a meeting on a laptop then keep it fully charged and sit where you can plug the charger. You can also carry a power bank from which you can charge your laptop battery. Or, if you are attending a meeting on the phone, try to place it in a stand or a stable place. Don’t make this universal meeting: “Never host a meeting that could have been an email. So, next time before joining a meeting go through all these points first and make a productive video conference.

Cloud Telephony

The world is changing in this era of the pandemic. So many different technologies are emerging as the solution to keep this world revolving. Cloud telephony is one of those solutions that is making sure that businesses are still connected with their customers. It is not only helping businesses connect with their customers, but it is also increasing productivity. How? With cloud telephony. It has a flexible structure that allows executives to work anywhere and anytime.

India is currently one of the greatest consumers of Internet-based communication or contact centres. Data is also now available here at a cheap price and almost everywhere. A wider man-power is also available in India. Yes, so many companies were unable to grasp the benefits of all these and remained behind the curve. Read More

wave sharing video

COVID-19 has got everyone to work remotely. Large organizations to education sectors, almost everyone has adopted working virtually. Conducting meetings or conferences, guiding new interns, sharing some important information, every single thing is now done virtually.

Industries have started using video conferencing tools for all these. Sometimes, people struggle to share external videos or presentations via these tools, which in turn leads to back off the topic, especially teachers. Yes, multiple videos are available on different platforms that can be useful for students or employees, and mainly video conferencing tools don’t support it.

So to help you with all these, Sarv has introduced a WAVE that can be a great help and can probably be solutions for all your issues. Read More

Make Your Webinar More Engaging

Before starting the topic, just a reminder, ‘wear a mask and stay home to stay safe. Wash your hands regularly and drink plenty of water.’

A few months ago, we all were having a normal life where we were allowed to wander placed and make contact with others. Then in February, we got hit by the pandemic. So now, we are in our houses, doing most of our stuff from home. Going digital was easy for some of the industries while some are still struggling.

Yesterday, I saw my niece attending a webinar. This made me wonder how these presenters are struggling in making a good webinar? When a webinar is not good enough, the audience will lose interest in the topic. Read More

Shaping Virtual Events and its Future

In post-pandemic time, we all used to have an event in the real world. Amazing things about these events were chatting in corridors, quick meetings, and sharing thoughts or ideas and drinks with other people. This was used to be the joy that every attendee felt during that time. But, as pandemic took over the world, the shape of these events started to change.

This pandemic motivated the education and business industry to move their event from real to the digital world. Now, these events are being conducted online. The major casualty in the field of events was Motor Show, Mobile World Congress, and Other Tech events. Big names had already invested a big amount of money for these events but due to COVID-19, it’s all in vain.

So, to re-establish their presence in their fan world, these events are turned to digital. After seeing these events going virtual, many industries started to adapt to this potential solution. Currently, events like convocations, farewells, big conferences, and webinars are the most used ones. This way everyone is following all the safety norms while attending the events.

Read More

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