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Shaping Virtual Events and its Future

In post-pandemic time, we all used to have an event in the real world. Amazing things about these events were chatting in corridors, quick meetings, and sharing thoughts or ideas and drinks with other people. This was used to be the joy that every attendee felt during that time. But, as pandemic took over the world, the shape of these events started to change.

This pandemic motivated the education and business industry to move their event from real to the digital world. Now, these events are being conducted online. The major casualty in the field of events was Motor Show, Mobile World Congress, and Other Tech events. Big names had already invested a big amount of money for these events but due to COVID-19, it’s all in vain.

So, to re-establish their presence in their fan world, these events are turned to digital. After seeing these events going virtual, many industries started to adapt to this potential solution. Currently, events like convocations, farewells, big conferences, and webinars are the most used ones. This way everyone is following all the safety norms while attending the events.

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Virtual Events In The Action:

One major role of these virtual events is to bring people together under one roof, virtually. To run a virtual event, one needs a solution that suits a business entity’s and participants’ needs.

Like in real events, we used to raise hands to ask questions to the presenter. But, it does not sound practical when it comes to virtual events. Because in a virtual event, if you raise your hand physically, the presenter will not be able to notice you. Then, how will one raise a hand in the virtual event? To overcome this, the ‘Raise Hand’ feature is introduced in new video conferencing software where one can raise a hand by pressing a button & this will be immediately notified to the presenter & you will get a chance to speak.

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Similarly, a presenter shows several informative documents. It can be anything from videos to PDFs to PPTs. For this, the event organizer needs a video conferencing software that supports collaborative whiteboard and screen share separately.

All is working but how can one share drinks with colleagues? Very Easy. Yes, we know digital screens do not transmit feelings but still, you will be able to see their faces. Get some drinks and snacks at home and give virtual cheers to each other.

Not just your video conferencing, your corridors have also changed in the pandemic. To make personal chat you can either chat with that person through private chat or if you are more than 2 people, just use the “Breakout” room feature. This feature enables a group of people to chat and share ideas separately from the event. As their meeting is over they will be back in the meetings.

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Meanwhile, as all these participants make the event successful, the moderator or host carries all control to keep the conference run smoothly and fully managed. By keeping all these pieces of puzzles in places a host can make these virtual events as productive as the real one or even better.

Why Do We Need These Reconnections?

We all are in 2020, yet the world is not fully aware of mental health. Most of the people take it lightly. If we look at the pandemic from a psychological view, we will find out that meeting people in person leaves a good impact on us & makes aroma positive.

When we connect physically with other people we learn and improve ourselves. This results in learning of new skills and social rules that boost our mental health.

We all know that meeting virtually and meeting in person are two different things. Also, the feeling and skills we share or exchange with each other are not the same in virtual events. Still, we need these virtual events because pandemic has shut down all the other meeting mediums. This disconnection can force a person to fall into loneliness or depression.

Virtual events are helping us gather in big numbers without worrying about space or travel costs.

In the future, we might see the best of both worlds, digital events, and physical events. Countries are starting to open as they are trying to control COVID-Cases. So we can hope that soon, we will see the hybrid solution very soon.

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