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avoid spamming

You work hard and follow all the genuine process to maintain a good relation with the customers and other connections. What then goes wrong that even after giving the heart and soul to the business and serving customers, spam complaints are received?

What if you’ve followed all the terms and conditions, sending mails to only your opt-in database, but still your mails are dropped in spam? One may face this situation and then it becomes a challenge to get good results in genuine mailing. The other question is what is genuine mailing. Read More

You have a contact list of subscribers who have registered with you and are currently using one or other service.

What next? You need to be in their regular conversion so to avoid any chance of your subscribers to forget you. A single subscriber is associated with you for one or two products but what about others in existence. Simply make them aware of your other products. Read More

From some days, there is hot debate in industry- net neutrality. It is not just a trending topic it’s a serious issue. In this article, we try to cover all the possible aspects about net neutrality which you need to know.

What is Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality which is also called net equality is the principle that Internet service providers (ISP) and governments should treat all data on the Internet equally, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication. Read More

facebook business page

Social media is a good platform to communicate with your fans & followers. There are different type of social media channels available- Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Google+, Pinterest etc. But Facebook is one the fastest growing social media network and its users are increasing day by day (1.44 billion monthly active users). According to statistics, 70% of marketers used facebook to gain new customers.

It is necessary for a company to create a Facebook page, publish their profile and updates news about products & services. But it is not easy task to get new likes & huge fan base to your facebook page. In this article I’ve covered some tips and tricks to give your Facebook page a boost. Give this article a view! Read More

how to follow up

It is no a easy process to earn the audience, subscribers. So, it is a big deal to keep them associated and let them grow your business. A challenge is always there for any content writer in an industry to keep the subscribers stick to them and force then to renew the service.

But how & what will be the tactics to follow to avoid losing the subscribers and keep them interested about the next plan? Read More

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