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You have a contact list of subscribers who have registered with you and are currently using one or other service.

What next? You need to be in their regular conversion so to avoid any chance of your subscribers to forget you. A single subscriber is associated with you for one or two products but what about others in existence. Simply make them aware of your other products.

It is not necessary to always concentrate yourself on


Engage with your clients, make them feel at home and make them comfortable enough for another purchase. Make a habit to ping your subscribers without any special reason. A business needs this association every now and then, which may be everyday, weekly, monthly. All depends on the sources you have, as this work needs a dedicated team.

So, what will you send to your subscribers? There are some options or subjects, which could be used to focus on regular interaction. Let’s discuss them here in this article.

#1. Welcome Mails

  • With a new sign-up an automated mailer must be designed which the subscriber receives containing the access information for the initial stages.

  • Make a good presentation of your company/business showing that the vendor active all the time, not sleeping.

  • The customer will know that the company responded soon after subscription, this makes you instant and one who keeps a keen eye on every field whether be small or large.

  • Let the subscriber new to your system trust you and your organization, architecture, manpower, support etc. Later the customer itself will try to explore and subscribe to service required.

Simplicity is far better than Complexity”

The above sentence is justified in the aspect that if your mailer is simple, clear and inform only about the questions asked then it would suit all your customers who may be technical or non-technical. Treat all your subscribers equally who may be new to the field or is stable in the field.

Thanks for Subscribing

#2. Off Season Mails

  • Every business tries to be in contact with their customers and subscribers in their peak selling days, the busiest days. So why not in your, somehow, free time.

  • Let them enjoy your mails in their holidays too. Here too it is not necessary to directly ask them to purchase but you may ask for this indirectly.

  • These mailers will help them remember your business and return year after year.

  • Introduce your new features or new products or services and do not forget to mention the important features in points instead of writing a paragraph.

  • You may too share some offers with them in off-season atmosphere, good enough to attract them.

off season emails

#3. Keep Sharing Your Achievements With Your Customers

If you have received awards for your services, if your new features/product are introduced, your ranking is growing constantly, your articles published, good news related to your work area, then don’t back yourself and share the news with your customers and subscribers.

This will help you

    • Build trust between your customers and subscribers

    • Customers develop interest to upgrade service or use another product not bought yet

    • Spread the word of strong architecture of your system

    • Build references and grow your customers

business achievements

#4. Share The Blog Updates And Let Them Sign-up OR Read The Articles

  • Maintain your business blog. Add the articles related to your products. It is not necessary to concentrate only on your services, show a comparative study with other brands.

  • Introduce transparency in your articles, which is what blogs are for. Let your customers know about your blog and follow them.

  • Also, you will generate subscribers to your blogs and you may then send them regular mails containing information about the new articles added of their interest.

  • Give the option of blog sign-up to your customers to receive the weekly, monthly mails.

blog updates

#5. Introduce Products

Introduction helps to provide an explanation about the product working process. This will be helpful for the layman to know how to run the product and for the professional to find out if the product is in better than his previous service providers product.

Here the need is to concentrate on the basic working process to make it a very user-friendly tool. This mailer is quite necessary and to be sent after the payment is done, as this will make the first impression of your support system.

product information

#6. Send Your Anniversary Cake

Your users are also the part of your working area. Send them the celebration news through mailers and let them think you care. Attach them emotionally with you as it will help to build a strong bond.

celebration news

#7. Celebrate Your Holidays With Your Customers


That’s all you have to send to your clients to share the happy moments. Include some necessary information too like your holiday support desk to help you in non-office hours. Let your customers feel you work even in holidays for your users.

Mention the option for call or email in your mailer so that they may contact you easily.

#8. Run a Survey For Feedback

  • It is good to know yourself. Let your clients rate you and inform you how is your work including your welcome, sales, support etc.

  • Run regular surveys among your clients. Focus on topics related to your products, your services pre-sales and after-sales.

  • The feedback you receive will help you know your presence among your clients, improvement if necessary, and features not worth enough to run.

  • Keep your survey short with few key questions for best results.

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feedback survey

#9. Re-Engagement

There are some clients who have not opened your mails for quite some time now. They are signed-up users and sometimes placed the order without completing the payment.

Take a while and send them mails with engaging subject lines to gain their attraction.

The examples of such subject line can be:-

    • We Missed You,

    • We received your order but is incomplete

    • What went wrong

Your mail may start as below:

    • Find out those who are not opening your mails

While sending mails regularly to your subscribers you will get the statistics to find out who never opened your mails. Separate them and make a new contact list to start the re-engagement process.

    • Launch an email campaign to attract them

Design a mailer now. Use an engaging subject line as mentioned above (a few) so to compel the receiver open the mail. Keep your content such that your customers get a reason to join you actively once again.

Ex:1) Subject: We Missed You

Dear [Name],

I hope you are doing well! It’s been a while since you’ve placed your last order with us.

Do let me know if there is any requirement, we will send you the best possible deals we have.





Ex:2) Subject: We received your order but is incomplete

Dear [Name],

I hope you are doing well! It’s been a while since you’ve placed your last order with us. The payment was not complete then. Considering there was a price issue, here we are to give you the current deals lowering the price, keeping the service same.

Do let me know if there is any requirement.





    • Get the final statistics

Now you know who are the ones opened your mails and thus involve them in your contact list of active subscribers for future email conversation.

#10. Follow-Up

  • You have received a query, order but it is incomplete. The possible reason may be the favorable conditions of the buyer. They want the service but after few weeks. What if they forget you after a week and search some other vendor.

  • Here, in such conditions arise the need to follow-up mails. Do not underestimate the power of follow-up mails. These mails can be schedule at regular intervals.

  • It is a necessary step to mature your leads and drag business from them. Stick to your leads and don’t allow your clients forget you.

#11. Thank You

Appreciate your customers more often. Provide them coupons to gain something in there future billings. Design an email campaign and mention that your customer is the best for you and give them a deal worth to show your gratitude.

best deals

# 12. Share The Videos Associated With Your Company

  • Create a video of your products to introduce your product, it may be a tutorial too required by many clients. Video watching is an easy approach for most people instead of reading a lot of pages. This won’t let them sleep and help them gain early.

  • Try to make the videos with simplicity and keep simple steps and do not forget to share them on your blog too.

  • Videos have a powerful effect and this pose a meaningful impact on the viewers.

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