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When we talk about business communication needs, there is often discussion about unified communication systems or tools which promise team collaboration and improved operations. As a game-changing solution for business, it can integrate multiple platforms and form a single ecosystem for boosting team performance and improving customer experience significantly. There is no doubt in the fact that technology comes with risks and UCaaS solutions have potential risks associated with managing internal communication and deployment of systems. Moreover, businesses have to accept the risk of technology as they have the capability to become rewarded in the long run.

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We know how frustrating it is when someone tries to connect with a person within the organization but cannot. Why? Because every time, they have to deal with a virtual receptionist or IVR. It’s a business addition if your IVR is easy, navigable, and understanding. However, the lengthy and complicated inbound call routines might frustrate and anger customers. So, it’s best to avoid it and incorporate ‘Direct Inward Dialing (DID).’ Read More

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