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When we talk about business communication needs, there is often discussion about unified communication systems or tools which promise team collaboration and improved operations. As a game-changing solution for business, it can integrate multiple platforms and form a single ecosystem for boosting team performance and improving customer experience significantly. There is no doubt in the fact that technology comes with risks and UCaaS solutions have potential risks associated with managing internal communication and deployment of systems. Moreover, businesses have to accept the risk of technology as they have the capability to become rewarded in the long run.

Here are some of the risks of deploying a unified communication system to watch out for improving team collaboration among employees:

  • Low Data Center Security

You have to be aware of the vendors offering data center environments as poorly maintained information in data centers can hamper the quality of service. This takes us to the fact that major unified communication systems are dependent on the integrated system which contains all sensitive communication data. Go for vendors who have their own data centers for built-in redundancy and remote backups for instant data recovery.

  • Cloud Silos

Different systems frequently store duplicate or incorrect data as a result of cloud silos. This might result in conflicting contact information, out-of-date information, and confusion when attempting to contact coworkers or clients in the context of unified communication systems. Businesses that want to make a seamless cloud migration often have the problem of cloud silos while leveraging the technology stack. 

  • Employee Errors and Vulnerabilities

When deploying a unified communication system, there are chances of error possibilities arising due to the carelessness of employees. The irresponsible handling of data can create vulnerabilities in accessing sensitive information. Also, your employees might be resistant towards accepting the UC platform. This will require comprehensive training that will be integrated into the current system for encouraging adoption.

  • Data Encryption

Your entire business is at risk if you have not implemented data encryption methods properly. Unauthorized access is susceptible to severe security breaches, affecting business continuity. Moreover, sensitive data leaks and compliance issues may result from storing and sending it over UCaaS platforms. It’s crucial to pick a service that complies with industry standards and protects data security.

  • Vendor Experience

The experience of vendors plays an important role in delivering a high-profile unified communication system. When you are trusting a third-party service provider, you already have the risk of not getting your system as per the specifications. Therefore, it is pertinent to make sure that you choose a vendor with an experience that aligns with your own needs. For that, be clear about your service requirements and discuss the milestones before the beginning of the project.

  • Poor Security and Access Control

Access control and security concerns are real when we talk about the risk associated with unauthorized access. If you do not have a strong security system then you might welcome users who might steal your sensitive data. Besides, access controls are needed to be implemented properly as little changes in the system makes it susceptible to data loss.

  • No On-Demand Account Management 

While choosing the right service provider, you have to consider various factors including the access account management system. Your UC platforms are needed to facilitate the capability of remote management to handle agents over multiple locations. For that, you have to add user permissions, PIN management, and accessibility to the cloud.

  • Poor Data Integrations

It can be difficult and time-consuming to integrate UCaaS with currently used tools and systems. Select a solution that offers seamless interaction with your current technological stack to reduce this risk. The unified communication system needs to be integrated with management applications so that interactions are seamless. Built-in integrations can make the work easier only.

  • Cost Overruns

UCaaS can result in cost savings, but it’s crucial to avoid underestimating overall costs, which also include licensing, maintenance, training, and any potential unforeseen charges. Analyze the costs thoroughly before moving further. This is because there might be chances that things might not go as planned and you have to bear consequences at the end.

  • Public Internet Connectivity

Unified platforms do not have a fiber-optic connection which might lead to a loss of connection. This can result in low-quality sound and downtime when in need. There are commodity internet providers who offer connections to public and private internet customers. With a dedicated circuit for connection, a unified communication system can reduce reliability and security risks. 


The adoption of unified communications as a service (UCaaS) has the potential to completely transform internal communication and teamwork. However, for a successful implementation, it is crucial to recognise and reduce the risks that are involved. Businesses can profit from UCaaS while avoiding potential problems by tackling network infrastructure, security, data protection, and other challenges. Your company will be able to benefit the most from this game-changing technology if you take an informed approach, combine it with careful planning, and choose your UCaaS provider strategically.

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