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Everyone is still stuck at their home. Going out just for fun or traveling is not safe anymore. All of these because of a deadly virus outbreak that turned into a pandemic months ago. So many events got canceled, schools got closed, businesses started to go digital, all these in less than 3 months. Businesses with no ‘Work From Home’ in their dictionary, have started adopting it. No one was ready for this, but now, all these have become new normal for all of us.

One thing we all are still not ready for is a video conference/ call. I also used to struggle a lot before a video call. It might be one of the most hyped things in 2020 but not for everyone. If you are one of those people who are attending a lot of video calls or conferences then this article is specifically for you. Then let’s get started.

What is in the Frame:

Whenever you are about to join a video conference, make sure about your surroundings. Ask yourself questions like, ‘What are the things that can come and go into the frame’, ‘what is already in the frame?’ When you find the answers, make a list of it and see if it is ok or not to be in the frame with all that.

Start by placing yourself facing the light. This way, your colleagues or video conference participants will be able to see you more clearly. Try to eliminate any noise source near you. Keep all the windows in the room closed.

There is a software called Sarv Wave. It eliminates surrounding noise with the help of an extension. You can try this if you like.

Application Preference:

Everyone has their favorite app that they always use to connect with people. I prefer video conferencing with friends, family, and colleagues. Why? Because it is platform-independent, and you do not need to install the application to join or host a meeting. This makes connectivity a lot faster and flexible.

I know there are many video calling applications already available in the market. But why I choose this has my reasons. Try to make a list of your preferences first, then compare all these platforms and align it with your preferences.

Free The Internet and RAM:

Two things that can make your video conferencing worse are the Internet and RAM usage. Video conferencing solutions that are already out there use too much of both the internet and RAM. So if you are running some heavy software like Aftereffects, Photoshop, AndroidStudio, Code editors, then it will cause glitches or lag in the conference. This happens because your computer is unable to process video and audio simultaneously, and this ends up in a pixelated and laggy conference.

The same happens when you are unable to access high-speed internet. It can be due to anything. Someone, on the same network, might be streaming video games, watching series/ movies online, or downloads might be running on your system. Due to any of these, your software is unable to access high-speed internet. The software I use, Sarv Wave, works on low bandwidth and works on any browser you are already working on. So due to that, it needs 55% fewer data than others and less RAM usage too.

An alternate solution for the internet connection is, go wired. Use a LAN cable to connect yourself with the Internet. This will eliminate any interruption in between. But, this might cause a problem for your family members until your meeting is over. Also, you can eject LAN for yourself like this daily as Wi-Fi was supposed to be for everyone.

Early Is Always Good:

If your meeting is in the evening at 5 then DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT wait for the exact time to log in. Sometimes, you may face software issues, your system just froze, or the router is not playing along.

If you face these right at the moment then it will cause you a delay in joining a meeting. And we all know, this delay can reflect on your performance chart in HR and no one wants that. So whenever you have a meeting, prepare yourself 15 minutes before that.

The Backup Plan:

As the last note, I will say that always keep your backup plans ready. Like, if you are doing a meeting on a laptop then keep it fully charged and sit where you can plug the charger. You can also carry a power bank from which you can charge your laptop battery. Or, if you are attending a meeting on the phone, try to place it in a stand or a stable place. Don’t make this universal meeting: “Never host a meeting that could have been an email. So, next time before joining a meeting go through all these points first and make a productive video conference.

WAVE Superior to Video Conferencing Giants

The world is barely moving like it used to before the pandemic. This pause is not only affecting our life but it is also affecting businesses and all the industries. No matter the size of the business, every single one is facing the damage from this pandemic. This was the time when all these businesses realized that digitalization of the work process is important to survive this pandemic while keeping everyone safe. One solution that helped all these companies and businesses run well is video conferencing.

Now every video conferencing solution was offering some new, some modified features to give them an extra edge over other video conferencing solutions. This gave so many options to an industry to go with. But as we know, making one solution for all is nearly impossible. Some features are required by some and some are not. This way a “one for all” kind of software is hard to develop.

This hard challenge was accepted by a cloud telephony company with a team of IT professionals from Jaipur. Sarv Webs Pvt. Ltd. is the one that came up with an idea where it developed a flexible video conferencing solution that fits right in every industry’s pocket.  Yes, you heard it right. The software is called . Sarv WAVE first made its appearance in Innovation Challenge for Video Conferencing by MeitY, Government of India. Read More

Understanding Levels of Work From Home: Part 2

In the last edition of this series of the article, we discussed 3 levels of the work from home. In today’s session, we are going to read about the rest of the levels that we need to put some light on to improve this norm and make our days more productive than before. So let’s have a revision first.

We first learned about unintentional action where companies do not make their intentional contribution to the WFH practice. Employees use their system and will work remotely with their personal resources.

Then comes the second one that is making a virtual office. It is the level where companies start to invest in the practice.

The third one is where an environment of shared understanding is developed using tools that enables you to stay updated with the latest work. Read More

How Sarv WAVE can Help Banking or Finance Industries in Connecting with the Business

Video Conferencing has become a major part of doing business, especially during this pandemic. Not only IT companies or healthcare industries but even banking, financial services are also affected because of this. To help such organizations or enterprises, Sarv WAVE has come up with a video conferencing tool that incorporates advanced features in it.

Sarv WAVE is a tool that is specially designed for secure and private communication between any industry, banks, and other financial institutions with their customers. The Sarv WAVE uses many integrated sources to increase security and reliability, and the aim is to ensure a smooth connection for banks, financial institutions, and other organizations during the current pandemic.

It has been designed for helping people connect with each other virtually anywhere and share all the imperative information easily. Read More

Sarv Wave Can Help Healthcare Industry in This Pandemic

During this pandemic, so many industries got affected. Especially those which required physical presence and direct communication. One of these industries is the Healthcare industry. Sarv WAVE acknowledges this problem with the help of its amazing features. So the big question here is how video conferencing software will help the healthcare industry.

Sarv is happy to be a big help during this time with its features. Hospitals now can improve their communication and real-time collaboration with the tool. Let’s look into all the features that can help hospitals. Read More


Pandemic sure has affected all types of working structures that we used to know of.  The same happened to the education system. Teachers that used to teach students on board are still teaching them on board but the only difference is that there are a screen and internet between them. This screen and internet are powered by video conferencing tools such as Sarv WAVE. So how Sarv WAVE can make the best digital environment of a classroom, let’s see in this article.

A Secure WAVE of Classroom:

No teacher wants unwanted children in their classroom so that they can deliver their lecture with peace and class can take full benefit of that. For this Sarv WAVE introduced an end to end encryption into its communication network.

Read More


Working remotely gives employees a benefit to improve their productivity and utilize their time. This is the beginning of the new era of Remote Work.

Remote work has its perks, but it comes with challenges as well, such as managing your work, time management, communication between remote team members, isolation, etc.

The good news?

There are a lot of remote work tools out there that can help you to become a more productive remote worker. Let’s have a look at tools:

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