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Understanding Levels of Work From Home: Part 2

In the last edition of this series of the article, we discussed 3 levels of the work from home. In today’s session, we are going to read about the rest of the levels that we need to put some light on to improve this norm and make our days more productive than before. So let’s have a revision first.

We first learned about unintentional action where companies do not make their intentional contribution to the WFH practice. Employees use their system and will work remotely with their personal resources.

Then comes the second one that is making a virtual office. It is the level where companies start to invest in the practice.

The third one is where an environment of shared understanding is developed using tools that enables you to stay updated with the latest work.

So these were the previous levels that we discussed in last week’s article. If you haven’t read it, check this link here.

Level 4: Asynchronous Communication:

These are a few things that don’t need your attention right away. Sometimes you have to wait for the right moment. It is like doing things whenever it suits you. A person gotta do things only according to the priority of the work otherwise all other works will suffer.

If something truly is pressing, then at that point the method of communication must reflect that. Get the phone, or tap that individual on the shoulder, only just on the off chance that it is genuinely pressing.

Companies that genuinely practice asynchronous communication have ventured out of the mechanical upheaval, and no longer conflate nearness with productivity, or hours with yield, as one may on the factory floor.

Level 5: The Paradise

This is the place your remote team works better than any face to face group ever could. Mullenweg compares this level with having more emphasis on ‘condition structure’, to the extent that the association’s way of life and the physical condition individuals work in is concerned.


Everything has their pros and cons, even these levels  These are the three big cons or worries that your remote team might be facing right now.

Team Building and Bonding:

Make sure your team is making connections with other team members at least once a month. You can conduct video calls with all of them at once. You can use tools like Sarv WAVE to conduct video calls with over 100 participants all at once.

Watercooler Communication:

The thing that employees are going to miss is their water cooler conversations. For these kinds of conversations, an organization can use Sarv Audio Conference for an audio chat that can be controlled from your end.


One big concern is security. Social engineering is used mostly for IT hacks. Use proper malware tools to prevent malicious attacks. Do not use untrusted apps and software for office work.

Working from home is not just a privilege anymore. It is more of a responsibility now. It is a time where we show how we work and how much more productive we can be. We got to earn the right to work from anywhere more often.

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