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How Sarv WAVE can Help Banking or Finance Industries in Connecting with the Business

Video Conferencing has become a major part of doing business, especially during this pandemic. Not only IT companies or healthcare industries but even banking, financial services are also affected because of this. To help such organizations or enterprises, Sarv WAVE has come up with a video conferencing tool that incorporates advanced features in it.

Sarv WAVE is a tool that is specially designed for secure and private communication between any industry, banks, and other financial institutions with their customers. The Sarv WAVE uses many integrated sources to increase security and reliability, and the aim is to ensure a smooth connection for banks, financial institutions, and other organizations during the current pandemic.

It has been designed for helping people connect with each other virtually anywhere and share all the imperative information easily.

As many organizations have adapted video conferencing tools to grow their business, many banks are still afraid of using it because of security reasons. In the below-mentioned points, you will definitely find the WAVE’s best features and how you can use it in your banks without worrying about security.

  • Lessen Travel Burden: The time & resources required to travel between branches or remote offices between internal meetings, professional training, and client counseling sessions are expensive and can quickly increase lost productivity. Not only during the lockdown, but banks or financial industries can also save a lot of money by conducting meetings via video conference calls keeping employees where they are, and eliminating travel expenses. The recording feature in Sarv WAVE allows you to collect important meetings and training for on-demand viewing when it’s most convenient. This way you can stay away from people, be safe, and can also run your business easily.
  • Easy Way to Connect with Remote Co-Workers & Clients: Banks and financial service companies need to be aware of many policies, regulations, and changes in the market. Significant developments can be difficult between teleworkers and dispersed. Similarly, clients want to know about their trusted advisors right away and make decisions, and often cannot go to the office. With the Sarv WAVE video conferencing tool, you can deliver information and share content to teams and customers in real-time, while expanding your portfolio of services and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Communicate Easily without Security Concern: Security has a significant impact on banks and financial institutions, which need to maintain compliance and provide sensitive financial information to customers. While the WAVE video conferencing tool is easy for IT to deploy, intuitive for every employee, and easy for the entire enterprise through mobile applications and cloud-based web services, it’s also designed for security. Sarv WAVE uses end-to-end encryption by default to protect audio, video, documents, participants’ identities, and passwords, and our integration providers keep your communications secure without costing IT teams.
  • Supports Every Browser or Mobile: To use our WAVE video conferencing tool, you do not require any additional plugins or do not need to install any software type in your system. Not only you, but your participants can also join the meetings easily just by a click. The link or URL can be shared by WhatsApp, Mail, or SMS. All you require is a laptop or system with a camera and the meeting link, and you’re ready to attend the meetings.

This tool also ensures stable communication with customers and end-to-end encryption. For example, as the host will have all the control over the tool, they can easily disable the customer’s or clients’ video control during the call, which would prevent the customer from turning off the video during the call.

Moreover, recording ability lets you record the entire meeting that can be used later for reference purposes. This way, all your teammates can easily rewatch it (if required) in the future without any issues.

Whether you’re working with internal colleagues, advising your clients, or training a team, video conferencing removes the burden of travel, while your teams get authentic, relationship building, and face to face conversation- no need for a conference room.

Sarv WAVE video conferencing features cost-effective, secure, cloud-based collaboration solutions that also eliminates complicated setup, manual updating, and maintenance.

This is not it; there are many more features incorporated. Now you do not have to worry about losing your clients or customers. Start using Sarv WAVE, a fantastic video conferencing tool, and reach out to all your internal or external clients in seconds!

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