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Have you ever wondered what is the essence of success in your company? Customers, yes it’s your customers who impact the company’s growth. Happy and satisfied customers have a significant contribution to the prosperous future of your business. But making customers happy has never been easy because of extended demands. Using a self-service strategy can help you treat your customers in the ways they want. A call disposition code is a structured way to track customer interaction to promote personalization.

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Blog-Text-to-SpeechIt is the perfect moment to join the text-to-speech bandwagon. Technology is rapidly growing, thus increasing digitized human interaction. Text-To-Speech (TTS) may seem to be basic technology, but it has more benefits than most people know. You can expand the reach of your business – new people, improved employee training, increased productivity, etc. Read More

Blog-8Call queue management is a concept prevalent in contact centers that is vital for enhancing the experience and better customer service. As per research, it is indicated that 60% of customers have a negative experience with the brand when they are kept on long call hold. Consequently, there will be a potential loss of 60% of sales when the sales team fails to attend calls in less than a minute. This requires your contact center to develop best practices for call queue management to make the best out of call queues.

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COVID-19 has accelerated the digitization of everything from the workplace to education to retail. And the FinTech (Financial Technology) industry is no exception. According to research, the global fintech market will grow at a CAGR of 23.58% from 2021 to 2025. However, to run their operations and services smoothly, these Fintech companies require a slew of modern technologies like contact center solutions to help them simplify, automate, and boost processes and performance.

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