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Blog-8Call queue management is a concept prevalent in contact centers that is vital for enhancing the experience and better customer service. As per research, it is indicated that 60% of customers have a negative experience with the brand when they are kept on long call hold. Consequently, there will be a potential loss of 60% of sales when the sales team fails to attend calls in less than a minute. This requires your contact center to develop best practices for call queue management to make the best out of call queues.

The system allows you to capture all incoming calls by routing calls to different destinations for the purpose of enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting conversion rates. This blog will give you detailed information regarding best practices or tips for effectively managing call queues. But first, let’s start with the basics.

What is Call Queue Management?

In simple terms, call queue management is the management of inbound calls in such a way that there is no customer wait. A fair call distribution and optimal call solution can work well in managing those long queues. When done correctly, it seeks to promote efficiency in contact centers by making a reduction in wait times. People don’t like to wait in never-ending queues and callers on hold is evidence of poor call center management.

Therefore, you need to make sure all customer calls are handled with great care as it will have an impact on their experience with the brand. Customers with a positive experience will engage with your sales team and are likely to recommend your product/ service to others. Since contact centers continue to employ different techniques to make call center operations seamless, managing call queues seems to be imperative for great customer service.

Top 8 Best Practices for Call Queue Management in Contact Center

Nobody likes to call more than once when issues are not resolved. Your IVR design and call prioritizing plan need to be efficient in terms of meeting the needs of customers. It is high time that you keep yourself in the shoes of customers and analyze the queue management process to flow effortless interactions. Here are 8 tips that can help you to make your customers happy with timely customer service.

1. Call Back Features

Virtual queue helps customers be in the queue by not remaining in the line. This offer of call-back keeps the customers appreciated and a bit of psychological relief as well. Callers will request a callback after disconnecting the call and they will get a call for addressing their queries.

2. Take Advantage of IVR System

An Interactive voice response (IVR) system is an effective tool for managing long queues. Firstly lower-level matters are solved with the automated system then the load is shifted to a live agent. The call is automatically routed to the most qualified agent who can provide the best solution with a reduced waiting time.

3. Providing Informative Greetings

Customers feel comfortable and delighted when they hear a friendly greeting when they call the call center. A nice greeting with an announcement of your business expresses that you are interested in the customer call. Solving common queries of customers in greetings can help you to ensure less requirement of agents getting indulged in calls.

4. Implementing Different Routing Options

Effective call queue management takes place by implementing rules in routing calls to separate departments. Using skill-based routing can be helpful in delivering the optimal solution. When you face a volume of calls, use the routing rule for transferring calls to available agents for reducing hold time.

5. Get Access to Multiple Channels

As a customer-centric contact center, you need to ensure that you provide assistance with omnichannel platforms. Ditch the traditional call center operations and make a smart switch to a unified communication system. Additionally, train your agents to work with efficiency while working with several call center functions.

6. Keep Customers Updated on Queue Position

It can be incredibly frustrating for customers to wait in long queues without knowing when their turn will come. This is why you need to use the queue update announcements to inform callers about their current position in the queue.

7. Call Recordings and Analytics

Recording of calls is essential for managers and supervisors to analyze the progress of calls in real time. Agents can be trained as per the call observation. You can determine wait time, duration of calls and agents’ activities to identify roasters, routing rules and scope of training which is important for improving the bottom line.

8. Get Customer Feedback on Every Call

Your agents might think that they have done right! But there is always a scope for improvement when it comes to delivering great customer service. Customer feedback on each and every call is very crucial. You should know how much they have waited. Are they happy with the service? Ask your customers about their preferences to improve your approach towards quality customer experience.


The success of a contact center depends upon how well call queues are managed. Your business can earn a rewarding reputation and competitive advantage when focusing on effective call queue management. Handling long queues can be difficult but insightful tactics and prompts can improve the overall customer experience.

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