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What’s the first thing a person does when they wake up? We guess, check their mobile phones. Right? It is a habit now, and about 71% of people do this; they check their phone 160 times daily. That means your brand has a high chance of recognition, and you can get more clicks and open rates. However, that doesn’t mean your business can bombard the audience with multiple SMS, jeopardize your SMS campaigns.

The best approach requires the appropriate knowledge for the ‘perfect time’ to make digital marketing a success. We know the significance of time and how it plays a crucial role in marketing, especially SMS campaigns. Time can either boost your sales or increase your opt-outs. There are always 50-50 chances. The right stats can take your SMS campaign to the next level.  Read More




How to increase digital trust with customers? In the age of digitization, it is a strategic requirement for most businesses. To achieve the organizational goals, you have to provide exceptional user experience, determine acceptable risks, and define the operating model.

This isn’t an easy task. But to reach millions of prospects, find a solution that is accessible, usable, and appropriate for business and its users. Read More


Every company has one end goal – to make a profit. The only way to succeed in such competitive and saturated markets is to focus on innovative marketing strategies and ignore mistakes. SMS marketing is one such strategy that can help you increase your revenue.

As the number of smartphone users grows to more than 90% of the population, businesses need to be on mobile-friendly platforms where their customers are. Read More


How do you engage with customers? What are your SMS marketing strategies to generate leads?

No wonder these questions are the center of mobile marketing. And did you know SMS marketing is one of the most powerful advertising strategies practiced to date? SMS messages/texts have proven a 98% open rate, and around 75% of customers are interested in receiving special offers through it.

This is no joke as SMS marketing has demonstrated a 209% higher response rate than Facebook, email, and phone calls. It is an influential marketing technique; however, marketers struggle to find the starting line. Read More


Is SMS Marketing Dead? Well, research says not yet!

Today, more people use more smartphones than fax and landline phones. Today, people live in a fast-paced world where they like to get things faster. For example, fast food delivery, fast ticket booking, faster customer service, etc. This made companies look for SMS marketing at regular prices. Because text messaging is fast, it has no geographical boundaries and supports instant messaging and can improve your customer experience.

SMS is fast, reliable, easy and cost effective. Simply, SMS works with any phone anywhere in the world. With SMS marketing, companies can communicate with their customers instantly. In fact, 98% of people open their messages just to check what’s inside. Read More

Pick-SMS-BlogThe most important part of any business is talking to your customers. You need to make sure they are happy with your services, listen to what they have to say, and offer customer support. With so many accessible tools and social media platforms, it’s never been easier to communicate directly with your customers. Ask them for feedback, notify you of product or service updates, and respond to sales inquiries.

SMS has always been the most popular and responsive business communication channel. It breaks down email, chat and social media. Read More

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