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Pick-SMS-BlogThe most important part of any business is talking to your customers. You need to make sure they are happy with your services, listen to what they have to say, and offer customer support. With so many accessible tools and social media platforms, it’s never been easier to communicate directly with your customers. Ask them for feedback, notify you of product or service updates, and respond to sales inquiries.

SMS has always been the most popular and responsive business communication channel. It breaks down email, chat and social media.

85% of consumers prefer to receive messages by phone or email. They hope to communicate through the usual channels – anytime, anywhere.

There is no better time than now to offer an amazing and smooth customer experience.

You can chat with customers using your business phone number to chat on their terms. And you can do that while maintaining your professional brand.

SMS marketing is an easy way for any business to communicate with their consumers. You can send offers and opportunities and communicate easily with your target audience. Indeed, research has shown that half of consumers actually go crazy if your company doesn’t let them send you a text.

There are two types of text messages:

  • The short message service (SMS) consists of text messages.
  • The multimedia messaging service (MMS) allows pictures and other media.

These technologies help you stay in touch with your customers. Phone number of customers is all that you need.

Here are different ways to use text and picture messaging to serve customers and grow your business.

Advertise sales or promotions

Get information about your products and services quickly in front of your customers. When you run a special sale, let people know right away with messages and pictures.

You can even send offers to your customers based on products or services they’ve been interested in in the past. This is how you share your ad with people who use their preferred channel.

Send reminders and confirmations

Text messaging can also be used in different ways. From managing appointments, to including reminders and confirmations. These updates can be date, time, and location details.

Customers can respond quickly to confirm that they are present or need to reschedule, facilitating communication on scheduling.

It’s also an easy way to get the job done. You can document on-site visits or deliveries and share updates via instant text or picture messaging. In addition, you have time-stamped updates that also help prevent disputes.

Communicate with customers and ask for feedback

Text SMS helps you build strong relationships with your customers with personalized content. For example, a massage company may send a message to a client after a meeting to ask how they feel and offer a discount for the next massage.

You can even ask customers for honest feedback on how your business works. If customers feel that the company values ​​those with whom they do business, they are more likely to come back.

Businesses of all sizes can use SMS and MMS to improve relationships with their customers. The data shows that customers respond more to text than to email.

We’ve included text messaging in our Cloud Communications Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate plans. This is one of the many benefits of using Sarv.

SMS for Business communication with Sarv

Sending corporate messages is not a trend – it’s here to stay. SMS messages were born in their current form in 1995. It reached mainstream around 2006. Over the last decade alone, the volume of text messages has grown by almost 8000%.

Implementing SMS messaging options for your business doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. At Sarv, it’s as easy as adding a service to an existing connected account.

There is nothing to buy or install hardware for. You can sign in to your account and quickly turn on the service.

Sarv offers cloud-based text messaging to receive and reply to messages sent to these business phone lines. Sarv also offers SMS for business communication and makes setup as easy as turning a switch.

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