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15 Hot Free SEO Tools To Shine Your Content Marketing!

Google’s rank on webmaster practices really hasn’t changed over the years. What has changed is its improved algorithms. The implementation of Google Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird has had an enlightening impact on the SEO track.

Here are those free amazing SEO tools that I can use frequently and which gives me a kind of fuzzy and amazing feeling. It’s always good to have a storehouse, and it can be more forceful to acquire a few powerful weapons smartly, so I’ve included some techniques and tips on how to make these tools more beneficial for you. Read More

10 Amazing Tips to Increase Your Email Open Rates!

Do you know ?

35% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone.

69% of email recipients report email as Spam based solely on the subject line.

(Source: Convince and Convert)

Let me make you aware of a sad but true in marketing: Most of the surveyed emails don’t lead to sales. Now let me tell you even sadder thing: A lot of surveyed emails never get even opened.

I believe that you must have understood now what I am trying to convey you. Yes you are right!! “Your subject line” After all, your subject line is the first impression of your email or can say even your company. Throwing an email campaign doesn’t mean that you reached your customer, may be you somehow landed in your subscriber’s inbox but what if they saw you and again thrown you to the spam chamber?

Now get ready to shine through your customer’s inbox and get your emails actually opened, read and clicked! Here are 10 tips to help jazz up your email subject lines. Read More

Follow 15 Blogs

In Phil Kotler’s words, “Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately it takes lifetime to master.”

If you want more conversion from your marketing, you must update with new marketing trends, strategies & tips. If you’re in marketing, you have to read (research) A Lot!

In digital marketing if you don’t learn you die. Period. You need informational resources to learn, thats why i put together this list of the 15 top digital marketing blogs (With Infographic) that I read regularly (and a potential subscriber, i get regular emails from them).

Here you’ll find thoughtful content, original ideas, clear how-to’s, and consistent schedules. Check out the blogs below (and don’t forget to subscribe them). I have also mentioned my favorite posts from these blogs, i think you’ll love these. Read More

Championship Of SMS Marketing Vs Email Marketing

SMS Marketing Vs Email marketing, one of the most debated marketing techniques topics.  In my opinion, nowadays though, it’s unfair for a brand to communicate with their customers just through one single channel, which converts the whole SMS vs Email irrelevant.

So, you must be thinking about how you will determine which marketing channel could help you properly to communicate with their customers o? It’s actually quite simple. Go through the stats, and check out the numbers created by Message Systems, from a survey which they with Google held for 500 consumers in the United States and many other websites which calculated the statistics of SMS Marketing and Email Marketing. Read More

20 Brilliant Welcome Email Examples

Hey marketers, as we know marketing is all about “Give to Get”. When a visitor subscribe to your mailing list, you must send him/her a welcome (thank you) email – it’s a Marketing Manner.

Generally, welcome email is sent after after a new subscribers opt-in to your list. 74.4% of consumers expect a welcome email when they subscribe.

Welcome email is a first friendly conversation between you & new subscriber. It should be actionable & informative, which encourages new subscribers to engage with your business. You should optimize your welcome emails.

Here’are some stats:

Welcome emails have 320% more revenue per email than other promotional emails.

The average open rate for welcome emails is 50%.

Welcome emails generate 5 times as many clicks than typical promotional emails.

(Source: OMETRIA)

Want to create your effective & beautiful welcome email? Here, we’ll come up with 20 amazing examples just to inspire you. Take a look! Read More

50 Enthusiastic Sentences To Accelerate Your Life

Sometimes what we need in life is a boost up! You can use this as a resource to enthusiast yourself when you need for a boost and definitely we all require a boost up  every now and then!

The power of a single sentence is amazing. A single sentence can make your day or can even  ruin your day.Put few words together and it can make a great impact on you.There are some sentences that can motivate us to completely change your life. Read More

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