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10 Amazing Tips to Increase Your Email Open Rates!

Do you know ?

35% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone.

69% of email recipients report email as Spam based solely on the subject line.

(Source: Convince and Convert)

Let me make you aware of a sad but true in marketing: Most of the surveyed emails don’t lead to sales. Now let me tell you even sadder thing: A lot of surveyed emails never get even opened.

I believe that you must have understood now what I am trying to convey you. Yes you are right!! “Your subject line” After all, your subject line is the first impression of your email or can say even your company. Throwing an email campaign doesn’t mean that you reached your customer, may be you somehow landed in your subscriber’s inbox but what if they saw you and again thrown you to the spam chamber?

Now get ready to shine through your customer’s inbox and get your emails actually opened, read and clicked! Here are 10 tips to help jazz up your email subject lines.

Tip#1. Short And Sweet

Keep your subject lines short and sweet. It should be of maximum 50 characters. Yes, I understand It’s quite difficult to express your whole email in so few words, but it’s effective.

short subject line

Tip#2. A Little Personalisation

Using personalisation tokens in the subject lines are really eye catchy. Let’s work for it, everyone loves hearing the sound of their name or profession or their locality. Grabbing recipient names, locations or profession will add a feeling of bonding. Try this to your subject line like: “Charlie, we really wanted you to read this…”

If you don’t want to add personalization by using tokens like using names in the subject line, you can go for “you” or “your,” as it still sounds like you’re addressing them.

personalise subject line

Tip#3. Make Them Special

If your customer has downloaded any of your offer and you’re delivering it through email, it will be very great if you use a subject line something like, “your new guide is waiting!” or “your ebook awaits!” This will work better than a simple “thank you” in the subject line; it creates an excitement that something is waiting inside the email, specially for them.

special subject line

Tip#4. Never Act As A Robot

Think about when you call in a company and some machine starts talking to you. It’s really frustrating, right?

After all, nobody likes talking to a robot.

The same goes for your emails also. Never go for a “[email protected].” I am serious and repeating again, never use this email address. Not only it looks less personable, it even stops people from adding you to their address book.

Tip#5. Never Make Fake Promises

Remember it’s better to remain unread than getting unsubscribed. Never try to make false promises to get your email opened. This is really irking and will  annoy your audience and probably throw you on the unsubscribe list.

Tip#6. Create Urgency

One of the best subject line style that will stop readers from passing by: Urgency. Using deadlines tokens like “ for today only” or “24 hours left” will make your reader to act fast, instead of letting the email off for later – where there’s a chance of them to forget about it.

urgency suject line

Tip#7. Show their benefits

It’s very important to show your customers that you’re writing for their benefits only and not for yours. How they will benefit from your email? Make it visible. For example, “Increase your email open rates by 80%” will appear more convincing than “Tips to increase open rates.”

benefit subject line

Tip#8. Start Using Stats.

You must have observed that blog titles with numbers get more readers same as that using numbers in your subject line can be proved as an effective practice. People love lists and human curiosity always boosts up when numerals are engaged.

number subject line

Tip#9. Minimize Boring Details

Whenever possible try to minimize the boring details. Trust me it’s a waste of your precious email. If you’re sending an order confirmation, the subject line “Your order is being processed” will look far better than “Order #987654321 is being processed?”

order subject line

Tip#10. Ask Questions

Whenever we see any question our mind automatically start preparing answer for it and we indulge into the material very fast. Using questions in your subject line will draw your readers towards you. Engage them by asking a question, such as “Are you doing these marketing mistakes?”

question subject line

So, if you want to increase your email open rates just start working out for your subject lines. Keep remember your subject line is the first impression of your email and your company as well. Discover your lucky subject line type and start following it.


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