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Heart of your Email-Subject Line

How many pending mails do you have? 400? okay 600? Hell !! Even more than that? May be possibly if you are like me, then must have touched the endless list of some 3,789. And that too after a lot of Gmail spring cleaning. 


A sac full of emails are received daily, but let me tell you frankly I am definitely not free to open all those mails and read them and so that 90% of people do. Making your email campaign successful is not as to climb Mount Everest you just have to look and observe your mail box. What you do with your emails? How you select your that one lucky email out of five junks? Because your customer is one like you only. They follow the same method as well – “Choosing the rocking shocking subject line.”

How to Write Optimal Subject Line [CheckList]:

how to write optimal subject line

Here’s some of the type of subject line of emails with some of the sparkling examples that you can pick up for your next campaign.

1. No Nonsense Subject Lines

According to an email subject line study done by Mailchimp, short and concise emails found to be far better the butter layered. Your customers always wants a short and straight line as nobody would like to give all his time in reading the subject lines only.

Simplicity is better than complexity”

Most of the examples of these subject lines are updates, notification, order status or media activity.

Walgreen Photo : Your Print Order is being Processes

Microsoft Promotion A : Winning Notification

Instapaper : Instapaper Weekly

2. Funny Subject Lines

A comedic subject line no doubt will spark out of the hundreds of dull and boring lines and will compel your users to open it for once and that too with a smile. If you know your client better and your mail is targeted then a well cracked joke can make large reputation points. Some of the examples are:

Lean Startup : Baby got (Feed) Back- Putting the Lean in Learn

Groupon : “Best of Groupon: The Deals That Make us Proud (Unlike our Nephew, Steve)”

Manicube : “Don’t open this email”

Inbound : Rabbit Rabbit. You’re in luck!

Myntra : Baby, It’s Cold Outside..

3. Shocking Email Subject Lines


Controversy sometimes grab attention, Using shocking subject lines needs you to walk very carefully. Your mail may get opened up but at the cost of user only. This technique requires you to be confident about your customer’s taste. Some of the examples are:

Photobucket : OOPS! Let’s Try This Again

Dailymotion : SHOCKING: Aamir Khan Leaving India For USA?

Wistia : Could You Be The Next Video Series Star?

4. Personalized Subject Lines

The most effective way to make a long bond with your customer is to make them realize that we are their personal. I remember that some Shopping Sites also sends me emails of the deals that I have looked up but left before paying for it. It also send me mails in accordance with my last purchases,So being a subscriber i feel like they treat me special, so that your customer will think of you.

Thrillist : 10 Things you didn’t know about your Guinness

Living Social Deals : Don’t miss out- Two-Hour Private Glassblowing Class For Two People

Search Engine Journal : 2-minute SEO Audit For Your Website

FANCY : Holiday Gifts For Everyone

Sarv : How May I Help You?

These were some of the subject lines which made customers to feel their importance

5. Subject Lines with Count Head

The factor which make up a blog’s title attractive one, makes up even your email’s subject line a graby one, Yes “Numbers”. Our brain is more likely drawn to count-head. This is why top 10 lists get more popular among people. List are easy for our brain to process and provide the rely of easy and quick read. Some of the numbers based subject lines are below.

SocialBro : 7 Most Annoying Twitter Moments of the # Oscar 2014

Youtube : 10 Jaw- dropping drift videos on Youtube

BizSugar : 5 Tips to Help You Prepare For The Holidays

Shutterstock : 4 Essential Design Principles Explained

6. Leaving Behind Subject Lines

Humans have a problem or can say a fear of left behind.We have a terror of missing out. Showing the scarcity or leaving behind terror you can also grab the attention of your subscribers.

Coldwater Creek : 5 Hours Only! 50% Off All Jeans in Stores. Go!

Bundle Stars : Pay $1.99 for a new bundle of 6 STEAM games (48 Hours Only!)

Grammarly : LAST CHANCE: Get 50% Off Grammarly Premium

Shutterfly : 3 Days Only. Best Prices. Best Sale of The Season

7. Mysterious Subject Lines

mysterious subject lines

As Scooby-Doo says, People want a little suspense in their lives. Giving readers a little punch of mystery might cause them to bite and increase your opening rate. Some of examples are:

eprize : It’s all over December 25..

Jabong : Hello Winter Cheaters!

Webs : Last Chance to Save Up to 60%! Buy More, Save More

8. Symbols in Your Subject Line

Question marks and punctuation can also help user to go for your mail around the heavy mass of emails. Asking your readers a question immediately involve them into you. Question contains instant dialogue with them which grabs the attention just to answer the question. Instead using unusual symbols can also make your email attractive one

Sephora Beauty Insider : Rough Day?

Search Engine Journal : Are You Really Reaching Your Audience?

Photobucket : What Kind Of Music Do Elves Like Best?

Hence, We can say that Subject Line is as important for email as heart is for our body. Working on subject or a good subject line completes the 95% of task of any campaign. But before choosing any of these type, first you should understand your customer and delivering the subject line of your customer’s taste can make your email a sparkling one among huge masses of email. So, Keep changing your type to remain far from customer’s unread list.

Are you using any service provider which are mentioned here? Please share your feedback with us. Would you like to suggest any other email marketing service providers in India? We’d like to hear from you!!

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