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How do you engage with customers? What are your SMS marketing strategies to generate leads?

No wonder these questions are the center of mobile marketing. And did you know SMS marketing is one of the most powerful advertising strategies practiced to date? SMS messages/texts have proven a 98% open rate, and around 75% of customers are interested in receiving special offers through it.

This is no joke as SMS marketing has demonstrated a 209% higher response rate than Facebook, email, and phone calls. It is an influential marketing technique; however, marketers struggle to find the starting line.

After understanding the basic concerns of the marketers, we have gathered the best SMS marketing practices to generate leads. Some are the tried-and-true tactics to generate more leads and conversion.

Learn About Target Audience

A marketing campaign works best when you know your target audience. Sending slick, power-word laded text messages to a group of millennials will impart authenticity in marketing. Additionally, to deliver the right message to the right group, understand your prospect needs, and create unique marketing strategies.

Tip - For systematic and personalized working, segment your lists of customers. Segmentation will allow you to send customized messages to selected customers, impacting the target audience to amplify conversion rates.

Adopt Opt-ins Opportunities

Opt-in is probably the most powerful and valuable SMS marketing asset you can create. Sending an SMS opt-in is a matter of compliance that customers willingly give you to text them. Use websites, social media platforms, and emails to speak about your text messages. It helps you build an organic list of customers to generate highly effective leads.

Tip - Do not use the cold list of mobile phone numbers when starting with SMS marketing. According to the FCC, customers consent to receive the text messages on their mobile number is necessary for the company to hold. Also, use SMS keywords that will help you get more SMS subscribers.

Keep Your Copy Concise

SMS is all about sharing information in a few words. You have a limit of 160 characters or less in text messages to share information. However, there are options to exceed the word limit, which completely depends on the type of SMS service you are using. Also, the copy should focus on the objectives, must include everyday verbiage, and a call to action. Your business straightly speaks to the customers through SMS/texts. It is a personal text message with an open rate of 98%.

Tip - Put yourself in the customers’ shoes. Illustrate the kind of attention your leads will want. A short and to-the-point message will make your information lighthearted and conversational. A special tip to never forget – using slang. It reflects unprofessionalism and misinterpretation with your customers.

Provide Non-Resistant Deals/Offers

SMS marketing provides 5x higher conversion rates than email marketing. Whenever people sign up brands for text messages that means they want something. It could be anything from regular updates to new product launches. But most of the time, they are looking for access to exclusive deals and offers. Following the 2020 Text Marketing Report, flash sales and time-sensitive promotions would encourage 50% of people to opt into a business’s text messages.

Tip - Combine your text messages with very irresistible personalized discounts, like cash discounts, fixed percentages, free shipping, etc. Product bundling, BOGO offers, customer loyalty rewards, referral programs, birthday specials, abandoned cart offers, etc., are some common deals/offers given by eCommerce companies.

Timing is Everything

In marketing, timing plays a crucial role. You need to identify the optimum times to deploy messages to your segments (contact list). You have to research and experiment to find the peak times for your industry. An experienced marketer (company) will target the audience at the selected and tested hour.

Tip - Give urgent and time-sensitive deals for effective results. A deadline or a window in the text messages will tempt the customers to take advantage of the mentioned time. Make sure your text messages are not inappropriate or cold.

Bonus Tips for Marketers

Incorporate an opt-out message in the strategy. It tells customers that they can ‘STOP’ the emails any time they wish.

Informing the customers or asking them when they sign up – how often they should expect the updates?

Notifying the customers what type of content they’ll be receiving.

Start Now to Get More Leads & Sales

Test out these effective SMS marketing practices to generate leads and sales. Also, remember to incorporate significant components like follow-through, optimization, tracking, and more in your marketing strategy. Tracking the results of messages and campaigns will optimize your business’s future. SMS marketing is an instant, convenient, and universal approach to reach over 5 billion people across the globe.

Sarv is one of the leading providers of bulk SMS, targeting the right people at the right time. Enjoy the best features like the powerful dashboard, SMS template, language option, smart/short URL, campaign automation, and many more to facilitate your service more efficiently.

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