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Every company has one end goal – to make a profit. The only way to succeed in such competitive and saturated markets is to focus on innovative marketing strategies and ignore mistakes. SMS marketing is one such strategy that can help you increase your revenue.

As the number of smartphone users grows to more than 90% of the population, businesses need to be on mobile-friendly platforms where their customers are.

So there are many opportunities for marketers in the SMS marketing arena. A properly done bulk SMS service can increase your range collector. However, if you do not apply it correctly, you could lose potential revenue and damage your brand image.

If your SMS marketing campaign is not producing the results you want, then this blog is for you.

Mistakes you can avoid doing when planning your bulk SMS marketing campaigns

Don’t know your audience

Knowing the audience and understanding their behavior, purchasing patterns, requirements, etc. should be the first priority of every business leader. You can’t create effective SMS campaigns without knowing who your audience will reach.

Marketers need to consider demographics such as age, gender, hotspots, and lifestyle preferences. Align your campaign with this criterion to make it more attractive and personal.

To do this effectively, it’s important that you divide your audience into relevant groups and design effective message templates for everyone.

Lack of personal contact

When the SMS reaches the target group, only the content is read. Your content should hit the nail on the head – make your readers feel special and at the same time give them a brief overview of your product.

Don’t forget to include the customer’s name in the text. And if you combine that with their purchase history, it’s the cherry on it! Don’t forget to keep them up to date with their latest offers and promotions and ensure regular check-in tailored to their needs.

There is no effective CTA

SMS stands for Short Message Service and therefore the content should immediately draw the reader’s attention to the CTA (call to action) – e.k.a. the purpose of the message.

The presence or absence of a CTA may change or corrupt the content of your SMS. If you have one, you can entice the reader to click on the link or call. However, if you don’t have it, you may leave your readers uncertain about the next steps they need to take and then about your brand.

Therefore, keep in mind that CTAs should always be strategically placed so that your audience is not lost.

Incorrect SMS timing

Timing is everything. And this mantra also applies to bulk SMS. Customers are more likely to feel upset when contacted during odd hours. And rightly so.

Although India has been able to regulate the timing of advertising SMS (9am to 9pm), it can still be mistaken.

Have you noticed how well-known food and beverage brands usually send SMS at mealtimes? This is a smart strategy to persuade users to hit this CTA in case they plan to go out to eat.

Long and complicated SMS template

Today’s customers don’t have time to open and read every text. They usually look at SMS and other updates in the notification bar and delete them immediately. A short and clever combination of words in a row should be enough to convey your message and make a positive impact without taking too long.

Always try to follow 3C practice for your bulk SMS service – clarity, conciseness and call to action. Long messages are unprofessional and confuse your audience.

Use of spoken language or random tone

While not every customer can connect to professional-sounding content, it’s important for businesses to avoid unprofessional language and abbreviations, as they make your brand too modest.

Content should not sound too casual or too professional. And it should be easy to understand. To increase the credibility and credibility of your brand, try a language that does not contain jargon or acronyms.

Invalid bulk SMS provider selection

You need to be very careful when choosing technology partners. Bulk messaging markets are more than saturated, and you need to evaluate them based on several aspects, such as cost, business hours, speed of delivery, and backup. Before investing your hard-earned money, carefully analyze and research the online reviews of these service providers.

You can choose a trusted organization like Sarv. Our customers love us for the speed of delivery and after-sales support provided by our experts.

Words of departure

These common mistakes can be easily made if you pay close attention to detail. Focusing on them will help you create the “perfect bulk SMS campaign”. Make the most of this tool because smartphones are the devices closest to customers and are the easiest to use.

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