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Is SMS Marketing Dead? Well, research says not yet!

Today, more people use more smartphones than fax and landline phones. Today, people live in a fast-paced world where they like to get things faster. For example, fast food delivery, fast ticket booking, faster customer service, etc. This made companies look for SMS marketing at regular prices. Because text messaging is fast, it has no geographical boundaries and supports instant messaging and can improve your customer experience.

SMS is fast, reliable, easy and cost effective. Simply, SMS works with any phone anywhere in the world. With SMS marketing, companies can communicate with their customers instantly. In fact, 98% of people open their messages just to check what’s inside.

Therefore, sending SMS or bulk messages can be a great way to take your business to the next level. In addition, you can customize SMS messages to suit your campaign needs. And it helps you greatly improve customer service.

5 Ways to Build a Long-Term Customer Relationship with a bulk Messaging Solution

New to SMS marketing? Want to learn how to use SMS marketing to improve customer service? You need tips for improving customer service with bulk messaging solutions.

Here are some ways to improve customer service with SMS.

1) Launch a customer satisfaction feedback campaign

Customer feedback can help companies strengthen their strategies for strength. If you run a feedback marketing campaign via SMS marketing, you’ll know their preferences and whether they’re happy or not.

Try SMS polls for simple and easy input. SMS surveys are easy to set up and efficient in collecting data. However, you can also use the missed call solution to collect customer feedback.

2) Make your customers feel that you care

Mass marketing is a great customer service tool. You can use it as a weapon of harmony. With bulk sms, you can send information and talk to customers about all kinds of work. You can send instructions or short manuals to help them understand your offer, inform them of new arrivals, and more.

Help them find directions to the nearest store or remind them of things that are important to them.

3) Enabling customers to chat with your business experts

Another great approach to bulk messaging services is that they offer communication that solves all kinds of problems in minutes.

However, everyone prefers to settle their dispute by phone, but businesses can use bulk messaging services to provide them with immediate support before resolving issues. And it helps build trust and keep in touch with them.

4) Distribution of promotional codes/coupons

You can send promotional and transactional text to your target customers instantly. Customers really want to save a few cents on something. Sending them promotional codes or promotions will entice them into your service and may be a purchase from you.

No matter when you send in the codes, they will always contact you if you send them promotional codes from time to time, among other offers.

5) Flexibility with Digital Receipts

A digital receipt is an electronic version of your paper or document that is sent to your phone. Many organizations send digital receipts via email and text messaging because they are fast, secure, and cost-effective.

With the paperless era, bulk SMS services allow your business to send digital receipts to prove a transaction.

SMS is much more flexible than phone-based customer service and can do everything you can do with email in a much more personal and concise way. Consider all possible uses:

  • Provide detailed instructions on request
  • Providing automated responses to common queries.
  • Scheduling service requests or convenient callbacks.
  • Keeping customers informed of inventory or delivery.
  • Explain to customers the best way to use the product after purchase.

When using SMS in customer service, these are just a handful of options.


Gone are the days when people collected so many bills for different purposes. Because of the paperless era, bulk SMS services allow your business to send digital receipts to prove a transaction.

From the scripts above, we can conclude that bulk SMS services play a crucial role in increasing customer loyalty and customer service. If you are planning to introduce SMS in your marketing, don’t forget to try Sarv’s bulk messaging service, which helps you send bulk messages around the world. The benefits are:

  • Create a winning bulk message campaign
  • Check DND numbers
  • Multiple SMS campaigns with one click

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