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Have you ever wondered what is the essence of success in your company? Customers, yes it’s your customers who impact the company’s growth. Happy and satisfied customers have a significant contribution to the prosperous future of your business. But making customers happy has never been easy because of extended demands. Using a self-service strategy can help you treat your customers in the ways they want. A call disposition code is a structured way to track customer interaction to promote personalization.

What is Call Disposition Code?

A call disposition code is described as a label or tag provided to each incoming and outgoing call to determine the visibility of calls. There are a series of tags or lists available in the contact center software that will help agents to categorize calls as per the customer enquiries and resolutions.

The purpose of call disposition is to enable call disposition, giving you straightforward reporting and analytics of the calls. For instance, a call marked as ‘lead created’ will guide the marketing professionals to take the correct action. It accelerates the self-service strategy, bringing a transformational impact on a range of areas. Therefore, it is a time-saving hack for the agents and you can plan your self-service strategy in the contact center efficiently.

How to Use Call Disposition Code to Plan Self-Service Strategy 

Creating a self-service strategy is a difficult task for contact centers when it comes to handling customers with different needs. Doing a small after-call work can be helpful in identifying the areas of intervention, bringing impactful results later. Here are steps for planning a self-service strategy effectively with call disposition:

Categorizing Frequent Dispositions

As you already know that it is not practically possible to automate everything and all you need to do is to focus on the most common scenarios. Identifying and categorizing the most frequent types of call dispositions can immediately reduce the workload of agents so that they don’t have to spend time doing prep work.

While categorizing customer interactions, you have to make sure that you sort dispositions pertaining to calling reason, customer persona and issue addressed. It will give you a clear context of previous interactions. However, you have to look for red-flag dispositions that include voicemails, disconnected calls or long calls. These categories will determine your business and the future approach to dealing with customer issues.

Get Ready to Automate

At this step, you have to attempt self-service automation in which you prioritize tasks that take up a lot of time for agents. Pull the data from the customer support system and digitize them so as to ensure that agents have all things in hand. Further, watch out for revisiting red-flag dispositions for analyzing the customer pain points. This goes with preparing a knowledge base for recording customer inquiries and answers to customer problems.

Brainstorming Potential Self-Service Objectives

Self-service strategy always needs to be direct and relieve the burden of customer service on live agents. For that, it is essential for you to analyze the potential self-service objectives for every interaction for determining the goals of self-service IVR. 

Call Purpose: Identifying the purpose of a call can allow you to ensure trigger points of customers. You can prepare yourself with different marketing questions.

Customer Profile: Recognizing customer persona can be helpful in giving information about upcoming deals and also tips for new product use.

Call Outcome: A call disposition code surely provides the outcome of the call in which IVR as a self-service technology can provide a comprehensive resolution service.

Power of One-Click Call Disposition for Self-Service Strategy

Sales managers appreciate call disposition code as it provides significant time savings for their respective teams. It’s a fundamental aspect of optimized workflow and can be helpful in making improvements in customer interactions.

Better Visibility 

Call disposition provides a standard input through customized tags which means you get the visibility of each call. You can not only track activities but also identify patterns of interactions, removing the hassle of chasing other team members for last-call interaction.

Less Work for Agents 

Call disposition codes are designed to eradicate the workload of agents and make the self-service strategy effective. By tagging the calls in real time, sales reps can provide an optimal solution to customers and quickly move to the next call.

Better Customer Service

The biggest perk of call disposition is that the information tagged can be used for improving customer experience. When agents are less burdened with calls, they become more responsive to customer needs. Learning from customer conversation is key to self-service strategy.


A robust call center solution empowered with a call disposition code is fundamental for designing a self-service strategy. An intelligent IVR system can make your customers feel connected with you. Looking at your call disposition codes and customizing them with appropriate lists or categories can be helpful in creating intuitive experiences for customers.

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