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Blog-Text-to-SpeechIt is the perfect moment to join the text-to-speech bandwagon. Technology is rapidly growing, thus increasing digitized human interaction. Text-To-Speech (TTS) may seem to be basic technology, but it has more benefits than most people know. You can expand the reach of your business – new people, improved employee training, increased productivity, etc.

The TTS solution has completely changed voice recognition technology, comprehending accurate text conversion and enriching call productivity. The small-scale changes can substantially impact your long-term performance and boost your team’s esteem. Lowering the amount of wait time and accurately directing the call has always been a significant part of building good customer support. For an exponential customer experience, learn the compatibility of Text-to-Software with most electronic devices or voice operating systems.

Explore the effects of TTS technology on businesses.

Growth of TTS Technology

Stephen Hawking is presumably the first name that comes to mind when TTS – voice assistive technology is mentioned. The technology helped Hawking communicate his genius mind for decades. Now, it is extensively practiced in automated telephone answering systems.

The developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence have drastically improved the quality of customer experience. Previously, text-to-speech technology was practiced to transform customer calls into text for compliance and dispute purposes. But, now it has advanced in graphics and cloud computing.

Additionally, giving contact center managers the ability to innovate with voice, build applications, and take insight from voice data.

According to the study by Speechmatics, contact center companies adopt a voice strategy for three main reasons:-

  • To enhance end-user experience through analytics.
  • To create competitive advantages by optimizing customer interactions.
  • To boost operational efficiencies through best practices.

Strengths of Text-to-Speech

Over time, technical advancements have turned more human than robotic, making it more appealing. So, how beneficial has Text-to-Speech turned out to be?

Increases Accessibility

The text-to-Speech tool allows businesses to reach out to their target audiences conveniently. The feature efficiently connects with users, eradicating various communication barriers. Audible content helps the population with learning disabilities; literacy issues easily understand information.

Improves Customer Experience

Do you know 86% of contact centers identify customer experience as the direct benefit of adopting speech-to-text technology? TTS reduces the agent call time, net promoter score (NPS), and sentiment analysis while uplifting engagement in the industry. Single poor customer experience directly affects the bottom line of a business.

Optimizes Customer Interactions

The primary benefit of adopting TTS is it constructs a competitive edge to distinguish businesses’ offerings to sell to enterprise clients. Historically, voice data was only accessible through audio recording and listening to entire calls. But now, contact centers can design USPs to take calls at a large level, bringing practical and actionable insights.

High Operational Efficiencies

TTS enabled organizations to handle large quantities of call content more swiftly. The QA teams can efficiently monitor large volumes of text data while investigating customer issues has become simpler. TTS massively reduces the after-call admin work (transcription) and saves time to process more calls. TTS allows agents to efficiently utilize their resources and time to deal with other intricate problems.

Elevates Web Presence

The reach of audio and written versions increases, making content and information more accessible to the audience. Customers prefer options when communicating with a customer representative. Remember, the more alternatives you have – the bigger your web presence can be.

Enhances Flexibility & Scalability

The flexibility of the contact center increases as the on-screen time reduces, thus allowing people to learn and consume information. TTS enables agents to do other activities rather than looking at a page or device. Similarly, the scalability of a business expands with TTS – put a massive amount of data and have them instantaneously translated into audio recording.

Enhances Agent Productivity

Agents are the frontliners of every company. They field and answers general queries, technical issues, and more for the company. Agents are the face of the company, delivering assistance depending on the type of product/services they are offering. TTS in the cloud call center provides real-time analytics and instant feedback on every call taken. It supports managers to measure and improve.

Ready to Take the Best Use of Text-to-Speech in Your Business

TTS is a fresh alternative for contact centers, helping to cut down on the time, cost, and complications of recording voiceovers. Businesses should know that TTS technology attracts around 774 million people worldwide with literacy issues and 285 million people with visual impairments. This is increasing your reach and not limiting it to some users. TTS shows high usability that actually aids all other populations, including older users, foreign/non-native speakers, etc.

If you are ready to adopt the TTS technology in your business, then connect with us today, and we’ll help you get a smooth and seamless experience.

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