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Customer experience isn’t an expense. Managing customer experience only bolsters your brand. Stan Phelps

Improving customer experience is a significant and essential part of every business. Especially businesses that are directly serving the customers and solving their problems. For any solution, human interaction is necessary, and nowadays, human interaction is digitized with the advancement of technology.

If you are into the contact centers business, you must have come across various technological features to enhance customer experience.

One of the latest advanced features to be elaborated here is Text-to-Speech (TTS).

TTS Matter in Cloud Contact Center

The TTS is a speech synthesis technology that transforms written text into spoken words at the critical time of interaction or self-service communication. It can be used for any industry and situation where audio is the best option. Just for your information, customers expect to use a voice interface in 70% of service interactions by 2023.

TTS doesn’t depend on pre-recorded audio, and you don’t need to prepare a script for its use in a call center. TTS ‘synthesizes’ the word/words typed, reducing the burden and enhancing call productivity.

The TTS concept was introduced specifically for the visually impaired to help them understand, for example, website content. You can incorporate the TTS API into websites and applications. In call centers, interactive voice response (IVR) systems use TTS to support users/customers with the information asked.

How are Contact Centers Using TTS?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Text to Speech plugin in IVR will allow call flows to be configured using DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency) keypress options. TTS can help contact centers conduct surveys, bringing higher customer response rates when compared to email, SMS, etc.

Outbound Dialing

For outbound calls, TTS will be perfect – it will ensure a swift response, automating the redundant process of dialing thousands or even millions of calls per day. TTS will help organizations let customers know about payment reminders, promotional offers, appointment times, etc.

SMS Marketing Campaigns

TTS amplifies SMS campaigns’ reach as the technology works in concert with characters limitations, country-specific regulations, etc. With TTS, make a text note, which can be turned into a call and can be connected globally.

Support Many Languages

Your contact reach expands with TTS as it allows contact centers to use multiple languages across different countries. The message can simply be translated into a specific language(s), eliminating the need to add one or more humans to speak for that particular language.


With the help of Text to Speech, contact centers can reduce their operational costs by up to 70%, reports research. This is because of a decline in manual intrusion by automating the dialing procedure and call chart with TTS.

Keeping Human Touch

Personalization is ensured with TTS as it makes the typical phone call seem more human and interactive. The technology has gone past the robotic experience, adding more customer experience.

Text to Speech Must be Integrated

Following the data of Understood, the hearing and reading words or texts through TTS can improve word recognition, increase alternativeness, strengthen comprehension, and correct errors. TTS comes with various features, leaving a positive and innovative mark for the organization. To further guide you, here are the additional benefits of TTS:-

Enhanced Learning

Text to Speech can lead to learning as it can help in improving comprehension, vocabulary, skills, and confidence.

Mobility & Freedom

The digital content can be turned into multimedia, giving a customer a vast experience. It can help people tackle reading assignments without having to actually look at the pages.

Enhance Branding

TTS across platforms can strengthen a brand’s identity. You can customize voice as per the department like customers can connect with sales or support separately.

Power of Text to Speech

The capabilities of TTS are increasing day by day, and here’s how it will expand the horizon of cloud contact centers.

Better Accuracy

The accuracy rate of TTS is pretty impressive in English, and there’s likely see a word error rate (WER). However, TTS is trying to achieve that 100% accuracy in other languages, which will help organizations further broaden global reach.

Language-Centric Model

Now, everyone knows about the ‘personal dictionary’ that adds the new word when typing on mobile or other devices. TTS is becoming more and more customer-language-centric, using customer data to make decisions.

How Sarv’s Text to Speech can Help?

Look for game-changing speech analytics that will not only reduce risk but also coach agents. Text to Speech can be very beneficial, and our next-generation platform will allow seamless integration with CRM and workforce optimization capabilities. The agent will deliver exceptional service leading to a better customer experience while reducing compliance risk. We offer support to all types and sizes of businesses from learning to marketing, everything.

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