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Sarv Wave Can Help Healthcare Industry in This Pandemic

During this pandemic, so many industries got affected. Especially those which required physical presence and direct communication. One of these industries is the Healthcare industry. Sarv WAVE acknowledges this problem with the help of its amazing features. So the big question here is how video conferencing software will help the healthcare industry.

Sarv is happy to be a big help during this time with its features. Hospitals now can improve their communication and real-time collaboration with the tool. Let’s look into all the features that can help hospitals.

Learning and Guidance:

Sarv introduced HD whiteboard as one of the best features of WAVE. Whether you are presenting a presentation or image to guide your colleagues, you can zoom in to anything on the whiteboard without losing a single pixel. Yes, as in medical, precision is necessary and we are giving you that same pixel precision on a whiteboard during the call.

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Sarv WAVE is made in a way that it can run on low bandwidth very easily. That makes video conferencing easy to host or attend on low bandwidth. So if your network strength is below average, you will still have a good video conference. With this feature, consulting in this lockdown is made easy just like a person is right in front of you.

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Training your new medical staff is also easy on our tool. Whiteboards make it easy to share information and make your staff learn new things. With its infinite zoom and draw on image and presentation help you explain things better. Not just that, with the option of streaming and embedding video, you can train your staff easily and efficiently.

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Sarv WAVE is accessible from any device and any browsers. So whether your staff is in the middle of some task, or your trainees are on the go. Just install the application or visit the website on your smartphone. Not only joining meetings, you can even host meetings in just a few clicks.

This is how Sarv WAVE can help Healthcare Industries in a lot of ways. These features are one of the highlighted ones. As you start using the tool, you will learn more about its potential and capabilities. So start using the WAVE and experience the awesomeness.



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