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You make a mistake and it will haunt you for a long time. This has become a bitter truth for video calling app zoom. When the words got out that user data is not safe with Zoom, the world started talking about its replacement. No matter how brilliant you are, a mistake is a mistake. When this incident happened, most of the world was using the app already.

Some branches of the Indian government were also using the app at that time. This data breach inspired Indian governments to take a step and make a home-raised video conferencing app. This resulted in a challenge by the ministry of electronics and information technology.

The challenge received 2000 applicants that were launched on April 13th. From that 5 start-ups made their name into the top 5 beating big names like Zoho and HCL. From that top 3 companies are PeopleLink Unified Communications Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad; Sarv Webs Pvt Ltd, Jaipur; and Techgentsia Software Technologies Private Ltd, Alappuhza.

Each company will be provided at Rs. 20 Lakh for product development. “PeopleLink is a slightly older company, but Sarv and Techgentsia are nascent start-ups.” an IT ministry official said. is happy that the hard work we put into the development of the app is showing greater results. Being recognized as a startup with future potential by the IT ministry is a big thing for us.”

The app Sarv is developing is named ‘Sarv Wave’. Ramesh Chaudhary, CEO of Sarv said “The product is completely indigenous and no data will travel out of India and it has been certified by CERT.”

Building the app from scratch with a unique structure was the reason we are still in the competition. With this, we brought something unique to the table. Right now our team of developers is testing the app’s limits and its area of improvement. Currently, the app allows you to chat and do video conferences with 50 people in real-time. Also, the app offers end-to-end encryption that is of European Union standards. Very user-friendly & will be a boon for many industries including public & private segments.

Runner-ups of this grand challenge Sarv Wave from Jaipur,

Our solution does not require a user to download the app to start using it. All you need is a device with a browser and internet connection. This way we made our solution flexible and available to all the platforms. You can connect with anyone, anytime without any delay.

The final version of the solutions is more likely to be rolled out by the end of the month.

It will not be hard to replace Zoom even when it has already taken over the market a long time ago. But their mistake is our opportunity to prove that Indian start-ups are also capable of making the best solutions. It is hard to make people believe in you but that is where Sarv is going to prove itself with its WAVE of the best possible solution.

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