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Understanding Five Level of Work From Home

COVID-19 has constrained organizations all over the world to authorize or make work from the home protocol. Companies like Box, Amazon, Airbnb, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft have at some point applied for Work From Home as their new norm.

But there still are some organizations with niches like real estate, accounting, local government and etc. These organizations were unable to apply for work from home full or to some extent at some point. But the technology-enabled them to work remotely.

At this point, We Can Say That There are a total of 5 Levels of Work From Home.

Level 1: Unintentional Actions

Nothing conscious has been finished by the organization to help remote work, yet employees can even now keep the ball moving to some degree in the event that they’re at home for a day. They approach their cell phone, and email. Maybe they dial into a couple of meetings.

In any case, they’ll put off most things until they’re back in the workplace, and will be a sad remnant of their office-bound selves. Level 1 is the place the mind larger part of associations were preceding the COVID19 episode.

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Level 2: Making a Virtual Office

This is the place most associations currently dwell — particularly conventional ones.

It’s the place your employees approach videoconferencing programming, texting programming (eg. Slack), and email, however, as opposed to overhauling work to exploit the new medium, groups eventually wind up reproducing on the web, how they work in the workplace.

This reaches out to a considerable lot of the negative behavior patterns that pervade the cutting edge office and stifle the capacity of information workers to really think — here’s taking a gander at you 10-man video-calls when two individuals would get the job done, 60+ interference daily — presently by means of Slack and calls, the inconsistent checking of and reacting to email in excess of 70 times each day for the duration of the day, or the hyper-responsiveness that is anticipated from all employees, leaving them wired to work area dings like Pavlov’s canine.

Level 3: Evolving with the Time

At level 3, associations begin to adjust to and exploit the medium. It’s at this phase organizations begin to put resources into better gear Śfor their employees also, for example, lighting for video-calls and noise-canceling microphones. The compelling composed correspondence becomes basic the more organizations grasp distant work.

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When companies decide to make meetings:

  • Hold a meeting only if it is necessary.
  • Set a meeting to 15 minutes by default. Make it longer only if it is necessary. Make small talk and save more time to be more productive.
  • Set the meeting agenda and make all notes before the meeting.
  • Only involve ‘necessary’ people in the meeting. Only involve others if it is a big decision.
  • Commute information using emails and messages. Do not hold a meeting just to share information.

These are 3 levels of Work From Home, the other 2 will be discussed in the next section of this article soon. Understanding these levels will help you to be more productive with your work. You can also improve your current work status in a better manner.

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