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Remote working has become the new normal nowadays. As witnessed by Forbes, 70% of employees will be working remotely by 2025. With that, we can see how much steady growth remote working will achieve in the future. To keep up with remote trends, businesses are moving to the “cloud” to make business communication easy and efficient. All types of enterprises are utilizing an integrated cloud phone system to ensure constant connectivity with employees to drive productivity.

When incorporating our phone system to cloud capabilities, we often overlook the invaluable opportunities it brings to our business. It’s time to learn about the benefits of cloud phone systems in enhancing the productivity of your remote workers.

What is a Cloud Phone System?

A cloud system means your system will run on the internet instead of a physically installed system. It is not only mobile but a flexible communication solution in which calls can be made from any device from any location. A cloud phone system can act as a multichannel communication system wherein audio, video and web chats can easily be conducted online rather than meeting personally with the employees. 

The covid-19 outbreak has forced companies to adopt remote practices and cloud telephony can be a proven game-changer in the telecommunication industry. This allows a system that can easily conduct calls and develop a flexible working environment for workers so that they put all of their efforts into bringing efficiency and productivity to the company.

Benefits of Cloud Phone System: Learn How it can Support Remote Employees

A cloud phone system, often referred to as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is designed to meet various communication needs. Let’s head into some prominent benefits of this advanced technology to understand how it can be used to leverage productivity and grow your business:

  • Reducing Communication Expense

When it comes to communicating with the staff who are working remotely, businesses require solutions that are cost-efficient and easy to install. A virtual phone system allows your business to set up a virtual office at just a fraction of the cost. You reduce your monthly calling bills but just shifting your system to the cloud which ensures no installation and maintenance costs, thus lowering upfront administrative costs significantly.

  • Complete Mobility and Flexibility

Undoubtedly, cloud phone systems remove various hindrances brought up by the on-premise equipment. A powerful cloud system will have the same capabilities as it has for location-based systems. Employees can log into the system from their tablets, smartphones or laptops from any location which gives them a flexible option to work. 

  • Proper Staff Management 

One of the best advantages of cloud telephony is flexible staffing to support the needs of the business. A rapid spike in seasonal calls can effectively be handled by the system by lowering or adding remote agents as and when required.

Also, features like call analytics, IVR, call forwarding and queue management can assist you in serving customers better and also evaluating the outcome of calls. Supervisors are provided with dashboards and call recordings so that they can gauge the performance of remote employees and give feedback accordingly.

  • Adaptable to Changing Needs

Business needs change as per the market conditions. A cloud phone system has a great benefit in scaling the calling mechanism by adapting to the needs of the business. Not only business but scaling up is also possible with changing needs of employees so that remote working is not hampered. No need to wait for the installation of the system as the new system is already equipped with all the things to get started. 

  • Easy to Manage 

Not only easy installation, but a virtual phone system can also ensure that you have a good track record of each call. New features can be added by the service provider within the existing system and can be updated with great ease. 

Also, with daily call analytics, calls can be monitored and measured by supervisors so that they can improve operations and customer service. The control of remote workers is really important to keep the professionalism and work culture smooth. The comprehensive feature of call recordings and call barging can be helpful in improving the efficiency of remote employees.

  • Improve Productivity with Flexible Working

The main purpose of a cloud phone system is to create a flexible working environment for employees by facilitating the mobility of software on which they are working. Likewise, when they get the necessary tools to do daily calls, it intends to enhance their productivity. Besides, a virtual phone system can act as seamless connectivity between you and your employees and it will build a healthy relationship eventually.

Summing it Up!

The rapid growth of remote working practices leads us to the requirement for a powerful cloud-based phone system. The system is capable of bridging a gap between you and your remote workers who are working far from the premises. If you want to improve the productivity of employees and enhance customer satisfaction rates, setting up a cloud phone system can make that happen.

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