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The financial services sector has been accelerating with digital transformation. They are turning their customer experience (CX) to stand out from the competition and be a differentiator in the market. A survey revealed that 63% of respondents would consider switching banking/ finance service providers if they do not receive communication as per their expectations.

Pandemic is one of the major reasons behind the pace of digital adoption. The time and need have given acceleration to cloud telephony that makes virtual communication, transactions, and interaction possible. It is a channel of communication that solves customer problems and secures all the data in the cloud.

Cloud telephony is revolutionizing the finance industry and optimizing experiences, resilience, and compliance. Take a look at the specific ways this sector is benefiting from cloud-based communications.

Sales & Lead Generation

Cloud telephony automates the sale and lead generation process where business not only identifies potential prospects but also nurtures them. The sales funnel allows you to track, qualify, and engage with data-driven leads. Your business can enjoy:-

High ROI

Sarv’s efficient and low-cost channel identifies and filters the leads as per the set criteria. The technology closely coordinates all the facets to ensure a smooth sales process.

Increase in Sales

You can easily amplify the sales bandwidth and process the maximum profit with our cloud communication solution. Not only that, you can keep track of all incoming and outgoing calls, helping you never miss a call. You can use click-to-call and auto-dial features to avoid delay and wait time. Don’t let any lead slip away because of technical delays and integrations.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Cloud communication added ease to communication, allowing companies to meet customers where they are (chat, voice, email, or video conferencing). The complete customer experience is streamlined with personalization because of CRM. Sales and support teams have access to up-to-date customer data when interacting with customers.

Tackles Compliance Challenges

Financial services firms are using cloud-based communications solutions to save money and hassle of compliance. The finance industry holds very sensitive and confidential information about users. The compliances and regulations differ according to the locations but the point of security remains the same. Cloud ensures security with its end-to-end encryption and other features like role-based permissions, data access, etc.

Greater Flexibility & Scalability

Remote working is possible because of cloud telephony. The flexibility of using one’s own mobile phone for communication removes the hassle of carrying devices. A stable broadband connection and log-in details will do wonders for the best customer experience. The telephony features are omnipresent, making the working environment flexible and increasing productivity efficiently. 

Scalability on the other hand means a business can scale without worrying about the infrastructure cost. The finance industry is a basic part of customers and their constant support is needed. With cloud telephony’s self-service, chatbots, and toll-free numbers, the industry can deliver the highest customer satisfaction.

Finance Service Sectors Use These Tools/Features Highly


Increase your sales conversion rate by 18% with the integration of the click-to-call feature. Your agents will easily connect with the customers, resulting in instant connection and solutions to problems.

Missed Call

Missed call feature helps in customer acquisition. Advertise a number for missed calls and ask customers to just give a missed call (an agent will connect soon, charging customers nothing). Calls received are trackable, thus agents can easily connect with the prospective customer.

Toll-free Number

The financial industry is using toll-free numbers to inform people about the products and policies. A centralized number will allow customers to connect with agents and get their basic FAQs answered. It helps in bolstering brand image and improving CSR activity.


Directly keep tabs of old and new contacts that give agents a preview of their information. The directory supports during the campaign, special offers, and emergency notifications.

Key Performance Metrics

The automated solution provides real-time updates and details on calls, chats, and emails. It shows how customer issues are resolved on the first call, what is call abandonment rate, and agent schedule adherence.

Call recordings

Call recordings are helpful for future references like quality analysis, training, and productivity. The recordings also support conflict resolution. You can pause, stop, and replay the recording any time you want.

Tracking & Monitoring

Tracking and monitoring assist in the collection of data like call times, durations, notes from calls, etc. The key objective of tracking and monitoring is to determine the performance of agents and whether the customer needs are being met.

Take a Step Forward For Agile Future

Cloud telephony is giving a hand to financial services firms to solve the industry’s main challenges like customer experience (CX), business continuity, and compliance. The technology is providing a leading edge to the sector and empowering it for a better future. According to the Financial Insights reports, the biggest global banks are witnessing a reduction in infrastructure costs by 25%, saving up to USD15 billion with cloud adoption.


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