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Do you want to reduce the cost of your phone system while increasing its functionality or remote working agent performance?

According to the State of Business Communication Report, 83 percent of businesses lost a customer, missed a key milestone, or fired a worker in 2019 as a result of a communication problem.

You are at the right place if you consider switching from your current business phone service to cloud telephony. We’ll go over everything you need to know about cloud telephony in this article. It will include the essentials, how it works, how it helps your organization or remote working agents, and how to pick a new cloud telephony service.

What Is Cloud Telephony, And How Does It Work?

Cloud telephony is a telephone system operating via the internet. A Voice Over Internet Protocol(VoIP) hosted PBX system is another name for it. It helps you move your company’s phone system to the cloud.

Cloud telephony increases and scales the efficiency of your company’s communications. Cloud telephony will make the procedure straightforward and cost-effective. This will be done no matter whether you’re expanding your in-house teams, opening new offices, or recruiting freelancers.

Unified Communications As A Service (UCaaS) is a form of cloud telephony, it combines numerous communication platforms and collaboration tools. You won’t simply relocate your phone calls to the cloud with cloud telephony. You’ll also get features including video meetings, messaging, CRM, real-time monitoring, and other business operations. 

What’s better than getting all these operations handy when you switch to a cloud phone network?

Cloud telephony is managed by a VoIP service provider. When you dial a number, your service provider handles the routing. It converts voice into data before sending them over the internet. This is how your phone makes contact with the individuals you’re calling.

On your end, individual phone lines would be substituted by a VoIP desk phone. You link your phones to your current network without using a landline.

Here are some of the most valuable call management features of cloud telephony:

  • Auto-attendant
  • Call Forwarding
  • Advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Call Forwarding
  • Video Conferencing And Screen Sharing
  • Toll-free Numbers
  • Local Numbers
  • Call Recording 

Benefits of Cloud Telephony

1. Simplicity and Easy Infrastructure

On-premises infrastructure is no longer required with cloud telephony. That means there won’t be a need for PBX boxes, copper cabling, or cable ducts.

Setting up a cloud communication system takes a few hours which makes it easy to install. 

The Cloud telephony system provided by Sarv is easy to install and requires no heavy infrastructure. This reduces the time you need to spend on running the system and we take all the responsibility for uninterrupted communication. 

2. Mobility

As long as your employees have an internet connection, your staff can use their company phone lines from anywhere. It’s not just about taking calls; they can also check their voicemail, set up or adjust call routing while on the go.

Cloud telephony allows you to use your phone system from anywhere if you have internet access. From anywhere, you can alter answering rules, access voicemail, fax messages, and check call activity.

By using cloud telephony, connection with customers becomes easy with technology. Promotions, events. Logistics, delivery, or any other service can be handled with a cloud telephony solution. Tracking calls and monitoring the performance of agents is an additional advantage. 

3. Decrease operating costs for your business phone system

In a variety of ways, cloud telephony services can lead to significant savings. Using this service, you could save up to 65 percent on your typical phone bills. Cloud telephony eliminates maintenance contracts, limited calling minutes, limiting local and toll-free phone lines, and paying for various business SMS services.

By utilizing cloud telephone solutions, startups can save up to 90% on their initial costs. With cloud telephony, there are no surprise maintenance fees or invoices. Instead of buying VoIP phones, you can use laptops with headsets and softphone software in the beginning.

4. Outstanding resiliency and stability

Can you afford to be inaccessible to your clients? What will be the consequences if the electrical system is disrupted? Faulty wiring, overheating, or a minor storm can disrupt all connections and therefore, your brand image.

Reputable cloud telephony solutions like that provided by SARV guarantee 99 percent uptime, allowing you to continue working uninterrupted regardless of what happens. It also features built-in redundancies, so your calls stay online in the event of lag or other disruptions, and you always have a backup to fall back on.

5. Flexibility and scalability

Growth becomes easy- thanks to cloud telephony. A VoIP solution, in particular, will allow you to add extra users in only a few clicks.

You’d have to pay more money every time you recruited a new worker and wanted to allocate them a phone line with a standard PBX. Their desk phone requires wiring, which takes time to install. If you count on the phone system to manage your expansion, you’ll constantly face interruptions and added expenses.

A cloud-based PBX is not only flexible but also simple to use for your remote working agents. You don’t need to be an IT specialist to do this. You can quickly add and delete lines if your call volume rapidly spikes during the peak seasons of the year. Thanks to a versatile system that you can quickly adjust as your business demands change, you’ll be able to retain your customer experience.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors With Cloud Telephony Solution Offered By SARV

In 2020, the global number of corporate cloud telephony system subscribers reached 204.8 billion and the pandemic has accelerated the growth of the new technology among businesses.

The Cloud telephony solution provided by SARV for remote working agents reduces transmission cost, improves productivity, and boosts resiliency. It also serves as a single source of information for organizational communication. 

If you go with a dependable, established cloud telephony company like SARV, you’ll get the most benefits. 

To know how our solution can benefit your organization’s growth, give us a call at 9111-9111-00, 1800-123456-001.

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