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The healthcare industry has been achieving significant milestones over the last few years, especially with the support of evolving technology. Remember, the COVID duration has made people realize the importance of technical support and helping patients in need. Industry

It helps to ensure constant consultation and follow-ups with regular patients. Moreover, the increased adoption of video chats and solutions like conferencing support the healthcare industry in reaching patients from faraway areas. Explore video chat support and learn how your business can enhance the patient experience.

Why Utilize Video Chat for Customer Service?

Technology means enhancing customer experience. Studies have shown that video improves understanding, and good customer service includes hearing the customer and understanding their concerns. You tell your customers that you care by showing empathy in communication. While video chat allows representatives/agents to pick up significant non-verbal cues making communication more personal and enabling customers/patients to be more connected.

A face-to-face conversation always creates a different impact. It encompasses a positive customer experience, giving businesses a competitive edge. To back it up with statistics – about 67% of patients expressed that using telemedicine somewhat or significantly increases their satisfaction with medical care.

The paramount of video chat support is data privacy and modern video technologies. It offers a secure channel for customers to share sensitive information. Moreover, it allows agents to confirm customer identity, preventing fraud. Agents can demonstrate solutions and quickly identify customer issues through visual inspection. In addition, you can let your agents add a personal touch, building credibility.

How Video Chat Support Benefits Healthcare Industry?

Telehealth has skyrocketed over the past few years. The increasing challenges in the marketplace and evolving patients’ needs/expectations increased the demand for technological solutions. The few benefits that came along with the use of video chat are as follow:

Speedy Resolution

Sometimes waiting in a long queue or interacting with an automated messaging system can be frustrating for patients. Whereas video chat support demands the attention of the agent and patients, making it easier to address the issues and arrive at a resolution. It reduces the number of follow-ups and increases the first contact resolution.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Customers now prefer to use their preferred channel to interact with healthcare providers. Now mobile messaging is the most convenient form of communication for customers as it provides instant solutions from anywhere in the world and anytime. Meanwhile, they can connect with service agents via video chat immediately.


Video chats are beneficial for customers and businesses both. It brings down the cost at several touchpoints while customers get the solution with fewer interactions instead of days of communication. You don’t need to invest in an expensive customer support system just use an integrated video chat solution that helps healthcare organizations save costs.

Increased Trust & Credibility

Trust always results in repeat business, especially in the healthcare industry. The instant solution via video chats allows healthcare organizations to build trust. Moreover, it gives personal touch where customers can see human agents interacting with them.

How are Companies Using Video Chat Support?

For video chats, there are several applications, enabling and expanding it for traditional customer service and support cases. Use cases are most prevalent in healthcare, education, financial services, and retail as various industries are uncovering video applications. But some of the common ways companies are improving customer service and experience using video chat.


We’ve covered this topic above, where healthcare providers have been using telehealth to support patients via video calls. Moreover, rural physicians can rely on video calls and connect with remote experts when performing a procedure or speaking with a patient. Telehealth came as a massive support during the COVID-19 pandemic, facilitating rapid growth globally.

Remote Learning

Video conferencing, video calls, and video chat supported educational institutions at a huge level. It became their lifeline. Institutions provided courses without the need to be there in person. Video solutions also helped athletes, musicians, clubs, and faculties to be engaged and connected.

Technical Support

People facing challenges installing or assembling products can utilize video to get LIVE customer support. It enables users to use their cellphones or webcams to share live videos, allowing the customer support team to help in the best way possible.

Insurance Claims

Video support connects customers, and live agents can show the damage to their homes, cars, or property. Moreover, customers can create video recordings and upload them for later viewing. The instant connection ensures the authenticity of the claimer and supports companies to reduce too many visits.

Supercharge Your Communication with Video Chat Support

Video chat and interaction are a new addition to customer support. It will now continue to grow following the increasing demand for convenience. Video interactions are growing at an exponential rate. Video chat support in the healthcare industry is supporting patients with mental and behavioral health to easily talk about their symptoms and learn when to consult a doctor. If you want to provide the best customer support with integrated features.

Try Sarv’s video solutions, which is an amalgamation of various essential features’ that fits just right for your business.

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