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We know how frustrating it is when someone tries to connect with a person within the organization but cannot. Why? Because every time, they have to deal with a virtual receptionist or IVR. It’s a business addition if your IVR is easy, navigable, and understanding. However, the lengthy and complicated inbound call routines might frustrate and anger customers. So, it’s best to avoid it and incorporate ‘Direct Inward Dialing (DID).’

It eliminates the routes to all those frustration and anger. Further, it provides the caller with an immediate connection with the assigned person. DID service is now one of the necessities for companies to configure. For a better understanding, we have created this DID blog that provides in-depth pointers.

What is Direct Inward Dialing?

Direct Inward Dialing, or DID is a process in the organization where all the incoming calls are directed to a particular public branch exchange (PBX), extension, and voicemail. For a direct interaction business must purchase a DID number from a telephone service provider. They connect and assign those numbers to individual extensions within the organization.

Also, there’s no need for manual routing. DID configuration enables automatic connection to the extension associated with that number. Thus, it is one of the faster alternatives to an automated routing menu. It works without input from an operator. DID is very flexible. It routes calls to any type of phone, like voice-over-IP (VoIP) phones, mobile phones, and landlines.

Callers can connect to the number even if the person or department is not in the office. Additionally, you can do service from either of them—cloud-based PBX and landline PBX providers. However, the setup process differs depending on whether your phone system uses VoIP or PSTN. Other names of direct inward dialing are direct-dial numbers, direct dial, and direct dial-ins. 

What are Direct Inward Dialing Numbers?

DID numbers are like virtual numbers. It bypasses the main reception lines and connects the caller directly to the assigned extensions, or departments. In simpler terms, DID is like any business phone number that routes calls directly to a specific phone number within the company phone network. A short phone line that is managed by the VoIP phone system without any interruption.

What is the Working of Direct Inward Dialing?

DID working is simple. The phone system provider directly routes the call to the designated extension or department whenever the caller uses a direct inward dial number. The process of routing calls could be achieved via either cloud-based VoIP or landline-wired PRI. Also, DID works on your company’s phone system type, like

  • Direct Dialing on VoIP 
  • Direct Dialing on PSTN
  • DIDs for Faxing

How can Direct Inward Dialing Benefit Your Business?

DID benefits apply to every business. The size and industry are just another factor. Learn the benefits to enjoy it later in your business.

Cost Effective: DID enables your business to reduce trunk lines required to connect extensions and departments. Further, you can transfer/forward the DIDs to different continents. Hence, saving international and long-distance costs.

Fast Routing: One of the crucial benefits of DID is fast and accurate routing. An immediate connection between the caller and the business. Thus, no tedious sidesteps and time-consuming self-service IVR menus or virtual receptionists.

Personalized Customer Support: Direct connection with the business increases customer trust and belief. It shows that you value their time and accommodate their individual needs. Thus, making them feel valued and respected.

Better Internal Communication: No complicated and lengthy menus. It makes everyone happy, especially the caller within the organization. Internal communication improves with DID as the team members can call each other with one click.

Saves Time: Callers will connect with the person in the business directly—saving time and allowing them to follow up quickly. The company provides its customers with individual phone numbers for each person or workstation without operators to route calls.

Why using VoIP for DID is better?

DID offers flexibility and scalability to businesses. They can purchase one number at a time or multiple. Moreover, they can start and end the service at any minute through an online interface. As mentioned above, international calls are possible when a company purchases direct dial-in numbers. It enables them to assign those numbers digitally to remote users in dozens of countries. If you are worrying about the sound quality, then don’t. VoIP providers use modern codecs to support HD-voice audio quality.

How to Get DID for Your Business?

DID numbers offer a variety of advantages that work best for contact centers and businesses. It will support in advancing business communications smoothly and effectively. It doesn’t matter if you have different internal departments that require different types of inquiries over the phone. We can help you! Get in touch with the experts at Sarv, we provide business-level quality DID numbers at exceptionally competitive rates. Contact us to learn more.

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