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how to follow up

It is no a easy process to earn the audience, subscribers. So, it is a big deal to keep them associated and let them grow your business. A challenge is always there for any content writer in an industry to keep the subscribers stick to them and force then to renew the service.

But how & what will be the tactics to follow to avoid losing the subscribers and keep them interested about the next plan?

# Treasure your customers

  • Show your customers that they are important to you and your business needs them.

  • Design a newsletter with content useful, informational and profitable to them.

  • Regularly being in touch and ask them id there is any issue will help you gain the faith and step toward building a strong relationship.

  • They will return again and being happy with the support spread a positive reference among its own audience.

  • Call your customers and share valuable information with them.

  • Try to keep them updated and then you may expect a good business.

    Welcome mail

Soon after a new sign-up is received send a welcome mail to your new subscriber. Inform them that you are aware of their subscription. You may introduce your company will logo, address etc. mentioned.

You may include the below list in your welcome mail

  • Warm introduction

  • Future plans and upgrades

  • Brief view of policies and required associated links

  • Personal signature

  • Necessary links and deals

  • Direct access details of the dashboard of service they’ve ordered.

    Thank you mail

  • After receiving, confirming the order from the customer, send them the automated thank you mail.

  • Try to keep the mail updated with a new content and format to keep the customers interested.

  • Make it a regular process to keep your customers updated about your new deals and offers, if any.

  • You may even prepare a video for your audience. Video is a good eye catcher and is viewed more than simple text.

  • Keep preparing variable designs for different business products.

    Auto responders

  • Create, set & forget.

  • Prepare the auto responders ahead of time and manage the timetable to send them whenever required.

    Stretch your helping hand

  • It is possible that your customers may use other services also only if they know you have them. So, prepare newsletters mentioning your new and existing services so that they may subscribe.

  • Try to be helpful person instead of a sales person and ask them if they need any guidance to run the service.


  • Let your subscribers rate you. This is necessary to further provide improved services in future.

  • Prepare a simple form and send it to your users.

    Introduce your existing clients with a nurtured brand value with your logo mentioned

    Social Presence

  • Social presence is a necessary tool and if you have a good social presence then inform this to your audience. You may earn their faith and loyalty.

  • Mention the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. buttons in your newsletter so that your subscribers may follow you if they like you.

  • Also, if you own a blog then prepare a newsletter informing about the blog so your customers may explore you more.

# Get Started. Hit the nail & fix the box!!

  • Sending regular newsletters is a kind of phone call one make regularly to its relatives. This helps maintaining a good relationship. Newsletter is no different than these calls.

  • Like your relatives, your customers will remember you and this regular approach will prove you better than your competitors.

# After sales follow-up

  1. Set up your follow up timetable and fix the date and time you have committed to the client. Stick to your commitment and respond even if the solution is far away.

  2. Always focus sending personalized emails. In your subscriber contact list do not forget to add another column of name and phone number and address if possible. Send mails addressing directly to the person receiving mail.

  3. Once paid, it is not a good thing to forget the customers altogether. You’ll need them in future for renewing same service or to buy some other service. So, treat all your customers as your VIP customers and show your care.

  4. Make this a habit to send regular reminders to your customers about any kind of upgrade, downtime, and server shifting process. This will let your customers be prepared for the situation and hence the loss will be low.

  5. Survey is necessary for a company/business. Regular feedbacks will help you improve your services further and provide best to your users.

  6. Keep sending the mails for renewal or new order and keep the content shot and sweet and emotional.

  7. Call To Action is very important for your mails and is an option where users may check your services properly. So, mention CTA anywhere possible.

  8. Stay cool and try to be a good listener.

What’s your favorite follow up tip?

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