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WAVE: Secure your Online Classes with Zero Anonymous Login!

COVID-19 has got everyone to work remotely. From the banking sector to the IT industry, everyone has started working from home for safety and healthy life. Not only these, but the education industry has also somehow adapted this situation, and teachers have begun teaching students online. This is to make sure that the students also sit at home safely and complete their studies. With all these positive things, many challenges are being faced by teachers.

Bullying by students, argumentative parents who often peek into classes, and children’s distraction are just some of the challenges that teachers face during online classes, which have become the primary way of teaching as schools become stuck due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has been a difficult time for all teachers around the world. We cannot deny this fact. Suddenly – and for something entirely out of our control – students learn remotely, and both trainers and administrators are constantly looking for new tools and ways to deal with problems they have not encountered before.

However, as there is no word yet on when schools will be able to reopen, teachers say they are analyzing and trying their best to overcome the barriers, which often simply means ignoring clumsy behavior.

Why Do they Face Harassment?

There are sincere and occupied students with their studies, but in all these, a few students are getting rowdy behavior and bullying teachers. Many complaints have been highlighted during online classes in this pandemic.

One teacher said, “Students create zoom IDs with random, unidentifiable names and troll teachers. Some turn off the camera and call the teachers’ names from these ID cards; some use them to send memes to the teachers.”

Why Do they Face Harassment

Another faculty member who was a female college lecturer in western Delhi reported similar misconduct. “Some outsiders log in to our classes using the links we send to our students in the WhatsApp groups in the college. We are trying to find a way to deal with this problem, “said the teacher. Teachers who are new to the digital world are still trying their best to get involved in it and learn but these situations will not only impact teachers but will definitely impact other students too.

So keeping all these problems in mind, Sarv has got the best solution, WAVE. Sarv has included all possible ways to make WAVE a unique and easy to use video conferencing tool. From whiteboard to host having all the access, it has everything.

WAVE has a unique feature that helps you to restrict the users. Yes, before you schedule any meeting, you get options to restrict the user who is not registered with WAVE. As a teacher, they know the students of their classes, they can ask each student to register with their ID names so that they do not overlap their names while joining the online classes. As you will be the host of the online class, you can restrict or reject the request to join if you find any random name and avoid such situations to occur.

Sarv WAVE uses many integrated sources to increase security and reliability and aims to ensure a seamless connection with students during the current pandemic. This was not only teachers, but any sector that is using video conferencing tools for meetings can secure their information.

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