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Working in an office is a way different environment than working at home. Colleagues around, with systems and the time arrangements, makes life easy in the office. But, during WFH, maintaining office work with household chores for both men and women has become a challenging task which leads to less productivity. So setting up all the things like an office at home for more productivity, you can follow up below-mentioned points:

Create a Workspace at Home

The bland room with a TV and game console can lead to boredom and might distract you from work. So, if you want to increase or recover your productivity and want to have a creative office at home, recreate your rooms with more desirable colors, hang elegant postcards or posters with motivational quotes. This, in time, will help you keep your concentration at a place and help you increase productivity.

As per Patrick McCrae, CEO of UK Art Consultancy ARTIQUE, “Art has been proven to increase productivity, improve well-being, and help creative thinking, making it an important complement to any home office.”

He also suggests that painting your room or workspace and adding personal photographs can also aid productivity. Isn’t it exciting and amazing to have your own room as your office?

Gap Between Personal Life & Work

Not everyone has their personal room only for work. Some have to share a workspace, living rooms with friends, parents, or spouses. So if you find it challenging to get your own space for work, get a separate area for yourself with a few lights and earphones. Noise cancellation headphones are the best if you share your workspace. Keeping your phone aside can also help you improve your productivity.

These ideas can be great and can help you focus on your work eventually.

It is you who can make the space into the right working environment and maintain things.

Colour your workspace

This idea can help you brighten up your space. So, make use of the free time after work or on the weekends to review a late home decor project. Know what colors can help you get attracted to your workplace, understand, and paint. Red stimulates energy; green opens up creative thinking, and blue soothes.

McCrae also stated that “Block colours on walls and vigorous lines help prove focus and focus-intensive tasks, while abstract content and nerve palettes are preferred to promote calmness and quietness.

Adopt Different Strategies

If you are looking for refreshing content, use bright colours with refined compositions.

An excellent work from the home test is an opportunity to explore your preferred work style. Using a little imagination, most people can adapt their environment to how and when they like to work.

So, if you have this gap and have creative ideas for your workspace, you can eventually feel like the office at your own home.

McCrae also added that “To stay creative and productive, it’s important to stay involved and make sure you have a changing and vibrant home environment.” So it is you who can make yourself more productive for your company.


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