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Many of us hoped that COVID-19 could be resolved in a few months, but it is clear that we are in the long run. In response, both large and small businesses are adjusting their retention strategies to take account of our new normality. Understanding customers and their needs in this situation are important for your business.

Why Customer Retention is important?

You’ve probably heard that customer retention is better than getting a new one. Existing customers are more likely to buy from you again if they like your product and service. Especially if you offer a lot! This also applies during an ongoing lockdown; the people who are looking for your brand are your current customers who are ready to buy from you again. And that’s why it’s so important to show (especially now) that your customers are important to you. If your business is based on the web, you can have many different ways to connect with your customers. If you have an offline business that is now closed, you may have more trouble connecting with your audience. But to keep everything at ease, you can go opt for digitalization.

If progress seems unclear, keep the following principles in mind:

Emotional Engagement with Customer:

Although the circumstances of COVID-19 are extreme, customer retention practices remain the same. It doesn’t matter if you run a locked-in retail store or an e-commerce brand – your goal is to keep users emotionally involved so you can enjoy their needs. Whatever the “normal business” looks like after the coronavirus, this connection will eventually bring customers back.

Emotional involvement doesn’t mean offering valueless statements from the CEO while making the face that everything is normal – it means your brand is trustworthy. The brand that understands the situations and helps its customers are likely to develop in the market. This emotional connection gives brands some freedom when they are unable to meet pre-coronavirus demand because customers still trust you to do your best.

Customer Safety is Important:

When it comes to understanding and addressing customers’ needs, successful businesses find ways. Safety in this pandemic is a must and has become an immediate priority. So, to keep your customers engaged and into your brand, as a marketer, your goal is to communicate what your brand is doing to protect customers and limit exposure to COVID-19.


The first step is to create a coronavirus surgery plan for your organization. This plan should address potential health risks to customers and employees and include solutions to address them. If possible, make this plan a public document that customers can review and find it useful.

Digitalize your Ways for More Interaction:

The virus is just increasing day by day and there is no vaccine fount yet. In such situations, people cannot sit by and discuss or talk about anything. For many companies, it is no longer practical to offer familiar personal service to customers. Instead, they have adopted digitalization. Even doctors have turned into telemedicine solutions to meet with patients and discuss treatment options.

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Not all companies can switch to digital meetings through personal communication, but you may have more options than you first think. The biggest example is hairdressing salons, which now offer video sessions for clients to go through do-it-yourself meetings. It is always a good idea to conduct a service audit to see which services can migrate to remote settings. If nothing else, you might want to consider organizing webinars or tutorial videos that support and expand the reach of your social media. The best way to connect with your customers is through different services like missed call service, voice broadcast, audio or video conferencing, etc. So, if you want to adopt such services, has the entire bundle of services.

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COVID-19 is a long-term problem that requires long-term solutions, so brands need to adapt. The good news is that retention during the coronavirus will not be so different from the beginning of 2020 – it will require communicating with customers, prioritizing their needs, and finding accessibility. If you can follow these principles, your retention strategy is in the right place to move forward.

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