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How can i attract more visitors?” This is one of the most common question from marketers.

When a visitor first visit your website; 99% of them don’t buy. So, where we should focus to get these 99% return for a second visit & perform transaction. You can’t trace your visitors but yes, you may impact to return.

This article will help you, how to do this.

#1. Blog

  • Articles for help & guidance not for selling & promotion.

  • Regular guides will also help your customers learn basics.

  • Be consistent. Regular posting of new articles will keep your blog young & attractive.

  • Care about your readers & your clients.

  • Keep it simple & down to earth. Try to help your readers instead of writing controversial posts. You’re good & Be good!

  • Consider the opinions of your regular viewers.

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#2. Social Media

  • When you post something on social media, you’ll receive the views through the comments, reply to these comments ASAP so that you don’t appear idle.

  • Every company have some personal moments & it is good to share those moments. This will make your customers feel closer to you.

  • Don’t wander around every social media site

  • Make a regular schedule of posting, & sharing on social media.

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#3. Newsletters

  • When you share the article, you are attracting crowd towards your brand.

  • Blog posting surely increasing number of subscribers.

  • Give the option of blog sign-up to your customers to receive the weekly, monthly mails.

  • Send interesting & attractive email newsletters to these subscribers on regular basis.

  • Content of newsletter must be concise, clear, & relevant.

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#4. Strength & Weakness

  • Awareness of strengths & weakness is very necessary for a running business.

  • No need to describe your weakness as it is not a confession room.

  • Find your weaknesses to remove them or to convert them into strengths.

  • Use your strong points to catch the viewers & visitors to make them your clients.

#5. Slow & Steady

Patience is the key to success in email marketing industry.”

A short path is faster & quicker but will never yield fruitful & long-lasting results. Better option is to be patience & wait for the result. It’ll definitely yield a permanent outcome. It’ll bring stability to your business.

focus on the fact that why one & should purchase your product, through there are no. of other stable providers.

Keeping prices lower than others vendors; only this will not help attract customer for purchasing”

#6. Articles with Unique twists

Twist is something which develops interest of a reader. Keep your articles different & a little spicy article will give more readers. But make sure not to repeat it in every article.

Keep all your articles with different tastes.”

#7. Don’t rely only on Social Media Tool

Social media is very necessary for a business, more and more people know you. Social media is a nice tool but not only a tool.

Don’t target social media as the only option of promotion. Open yourself to other areas too & utilize them fully. After using all the options for a fixed time, you may compare & find out which was beneficial.

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