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The Covid-19 recession, followed by social distancing and nationwide closure, we have a major impact on businesses. No matter how established they are, the way they reconsider or manage and operate their business, including their business plan, is important.

It has become difficult for most companies to maintain their financial coverage during this lockdown period due to lower revenue declines and general uncertainty in the global financial environment. Not only this, but managing customers has also been a challenging task for every organization. Everyone nowadays works digitally as no one wants to lose the business. To improve this, they had adopted many solutions from cloud telephony solution to video conferencing tools. Sarv is a collection of these services.

This article will help you understand each service and how it can help your organization easily. To understand it, let us see the services and their uses in the current situation:


1. Missed Call Services: India is a price-sensitive country. Customers do not invest in anything unless they are sure of the result. Missed phone numbers are regular 1800 numbers or 10-digit virtual numbers that allow businesses to track customer leads and And on the other hand, customers get information about the business or the product they are going to invest in. So to have this service in this period for your business can help your customers reach you quickly.


2. Toll-free Numbers: These numbers allow the caller to connect with the business without any charges. Toll-free numbers are another element of cloud telephony solutions that play a key role in this context. So now, let callers contact you at zero cost. Whether you want to increase sales, easily manage high traffic, increase reliability, or whatever, this is the right solution for you. So this can be a powerful platform that meets your business needs.


3. CRM IntegrationIn this time of crisis, most companies are using CRM software to automate their databases, strengthen customer relationships, and implement innovative strategies to maintain stability by synchronizing overall process workflows. This service can help you interact with old and new customers, recognize the right customer, organize activities, and plan events for your business and whatnot. So CRM can be the best project management tool as it will make you more flexible and supportive toward work, customers, and process workflow.

Video-conferencing-solution4. Video Conferencing Tools: People nowadays are working from home and are finding ways to connect with employees and customers. Here video conferencing tools are the perfect aid as it has become the best solution for such issues. This type of tool has all that you need, from sharing documents to sharing the screen. If you are looking for a tool that can help you with the issues, then WAVE can be the best solution. It is the best video conferencing solution as it is a made in India product and has many unique features in it.


5. ERP System: By choosing cloud-based ERP software, you can easily facilitate remote work while ensuring the safety of your employees. These ERP systems run on both desktops and mobile devices and keep your business connected no matter where you are. Managers can communicate, assign, and monitor all work remotely and tackle the challenges posed by COVID-19. An ERP system has a centralized database where it can give access to all the employees of the organization and it can be accessed easily.

outsourceing6. Outsourcing: Outsourcing allows you to have a third-party company to solve your company’s tasks or jobs. Outsourcing specific tasks, such as payroll, human resources, and accounting, can help organizations achieve their goals, reduce overhead costs, and ensure that they and other internal employees spend their time and energy on core competencies. So, maintain the quality and continuity of your business in a smart way.


With all these services, you will definitely be able to get your business on track as it will help you interact with clients or customers easily. So, instead of losing your business in this lockdown, go digitally and pick the service that is best for your organization and employees.

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