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Benefits and Features of Sarv Long Code

Long Code numbers or virtual phone number is a service or practices that businesses use for the reception. Another purpose of this number is to send text notifications to consumers and potential customers. When it comes to marketing, Long Code becomes a good partner with the marketing team. It can use both the voice or and SMS as the medium to convey the message.

While this, a marketer can send notifications, order details, reminders, offers, and much more related news to their business. As we know that mobile marketing is at its best and is still raising the bar, it can be one of those practices that will help you achieve that bar. It is always up to the marketing team whether they want to use it for SMS or voice marketing.

What is the Long Code?

In simple words, it is a ten-digit virtual phone number that is used for the communication placing between business and its consumers. It is used to convey text-based information that can be notification, event details, offers, or others.

It usually works on the basis of keyword requisition. The keyword requests are usually received from the user that gets recorded on a system. Based on that information, the system automates the information sending process to users in the form of a text message.

Classification of Long Code:

  1. Dedicated Long Code
  2. Shared Long Code

Dedicated Long Code

Short Long Code

Number of Your Choice

Default Number

Unlimited Keyword

Per Keyword

Local Number Available

Default Number Available

Dedicated Resource

Shared Resource

Complete Traffic Forwarding

Keyword Based Forwarding

Where to Use Long Code Service?

  • Collecting Customers Information
  • Data based on the target
  • Appointment, Confirmation and Reminder
  • Alerts
  • Offers
  • Two Way Communication
  • Troubleshooting service or problems

What Features Long Code have?

  • Unlimited Number of Keywords
  • Dedicated Phone Number
  • Shared Number
  • Integrated with SMS and API
  • Auto Response System
  • Delivers Instantly
  • Two-Way Communication
  • Report and Analytic Report

What Benefits Do You Get?

  • Dedicated Longcode or Keyword Shared Longcode
  • Pull-Push (Request-Response) Services
  • Consumer charged for Normal SMS rate
  • Enquiries from Pan India
  • Global Accessibility
  • Online Report Generation
  • No Delay and Nearly zero Interruption
  • 99% uptime

Who Can Get All These Benefits and Features of Long Code?

There are so many enterprise bodies that can use long code services. This fits perfectly for those who don’t want their consumers to pay extra for communication. As it allows you to make a two-way conversation and offer many services over the text, consumers, and enterprises both get the desired information.

Usually, the end-user of long code is customers, employees, vendors, dealers, salesforce, service engineers, or others. These systems need to be connected with their service providers for information exchange and long code makes it possible. So if you are an organization that has any one of these bodies you are a perfect fit for it.

Applications of Long Code Service:

  • Multiple Account Management
  • Polls, Promotions, and Surveys
  • SMS to Email Applications
  • Chat System
  • Customer Service Communication
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Person to Person Communication

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