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There are some marketers, who follow traditional methods and do not take risks. Then there are those who love to take risks, the only thing that matters to them is success. Those marketers who are non-risk takers might say that content marketing is dead or it is not worth it. Well, there are several who still believe in content marketing and to be honest, these believers are right.

So whenever someone says that content marketing is dead, shoot any of these content marketing statistics on them. Be proud of this practice. So let’s dive into the real juice of the article.

  1. Content marketing costs 62% less than the other traditional methods and generates 3 times the volume of lead. (DemandMetric)
  2. The conversion rate is 6 times higher in comparison to those who are not practicing content marketing.
  3. Big brands like Coca-cola have recognized its potential and are investing much in it.
  4. 75% of the industries are planning to increase the budget of content marketing in 2020.
  5. In 2014, the average length of an article was 808 words that increased to 1054 in 2016 and is nearly 1200 in the current time.
  6. Almost 60% or two-thirds of the current marketers are producing one content on a daily basis.
  7. According to Curata, Long post generates 9 times more leads than short posts.
  8. 80% of the leads want to learn about your business and services through your content rather than the advertisements.
  9. Nearly 95% of B2B and Product buyers trust the content and its quality posted by the business while evaluating the company.
  10. Almost half of the marketers support 3 and 5 of their customers’ purchasing stages with their content.
  11. Again, almost half are trying to align near the customer purchase cycle stages with their specialized content.
  12. Last year 78% of the consumers relied on white papers to make the decision of purchasing the goods or services.
  13. 9 out of 10 consumers of services and B2B products say that content has a moderate to major impact on the purchase decision.
  14. 58% of marketers believe that originally written content is their major digital asset than infographics and videos.
  15. 81% of the marketers say that they trust more in originally written content in their marketing campaign.
  16. Content is so flexible and reusable that 60% of marketers reuse their content for three to five times.
  17. For an organization, lead generation (85%), sales (84%), and lead nurturing (78%) are major objectives or their content marketing strategies.
  18. In order to produce more content, 28% of the marketers have cut off their digital advertising budget.
  19. One out of 10 blog posts is for producing results in the long term. That is traffic on these posts will increase with time. These posts are called compound posts.
  20. These compound posts generate 38% of the total blog traffic. Traffic generated by a single compound post is equal to the traffic generated by 6 regular posts.
  21. About three-quarters of the marketers (72%) believe that branded content marketing is far more fruitful than traditional magazine advertisements.
  22. One in 6 enterprise-level organizations is spending $ 10 million on content marketing with the median is $ 1.75 million.

I know the article is not that long as I said in one of these facts, why? Because these are all you need to throw on those who do not believe in content marketing. Even after this if they are not believing, that’s their problem. At least you have satisfaction and practical data to show. What do they have? So start delivering more effort on your content marketing strategies to make more lead and increase your ROI. Good Luck.

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