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Content marketing is a field of intelligence, creativity, and long-term connectivity. If you are writing something dedicatedly for your customers and something, which is valuable to them, then your personal connect will enrich your business.

Necessity is to focus on content that leads to

  • Brand awareness

  • Lead generation

  • Vendor-Customer engagement

  • Lead nurturing

  • Direct sales

  • Professional networking through social media channels.

Every business has its own unique or specific objectives and content marketing helps a lot, though slowly, to achieve these objectives.

approachesThese three bubbles contain three basic approaches necessary to be followed in every business or department. Now there are some key points, which I will mention in, this articles to focus on how to start the content marketing. What will be the necessary steps to be followed based on which we will get our results.

#1. Context Based Content

What gets measured, gets managed”- Peter Drucker

Context basically refers to the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood. So, writing a content and marketing of this content based on our business nature, customer needs will help to build engagements and hence to nurture leads probably.

  • Define the metrics of your content

  • Measure your nature of business, products range, sufficient funds, market presence, growth phase (developing, developer), customer base

  • Develop a unique & relevant idea

  • Be SMART [Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time-bound]

#2. Build Realistic Plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail”- Alan Lakein

key-pointsFollow the above mentioned key points to make your content business oriented and successful. Try to find out

  • Who are your target readers

  • What kind of content do these readers like e.g., text articles, info graphics, research articles etc.

  • Prepare a platform where your content is easily accessible from smartphones, laptop/desktop, iPad, newspapers etc.

  • Try to serve a valuable and latest information to your readers

  • Let your potential readers make your potential buyers.

#3. Real Execution of Plan Built

Build a plan to execute it, for this an organization needs an efficient & confident marketing team.

Planning and execution are two foundation pillars and if you execute the plan you have thought for then the results will be remarkable. Create a plan, which appears simple and involves multiple steps and person. Multiple brains will join and surely yield a beautiful thought & of-course the writing material.

To generate a creative content involve every single person of the team and take proper advices to include it if seems matching to the idea. This will make you generate a specific and unique content every time.

#4. Tools & Technology

Content & technology are strange bedfellows. We are joined together. Sometimes we misunderstand each other. But isn’t that after all the definition of marriage?”- Howard Stringer

Use the tools and technology to make the content creation faster, easier & more effective. This is a boon to which yield best, fancy & beautiful results.

#5. Tracking & Reporting

Say the content is prepared and published. What now remains is the tracking and reporting of this published content.


#6. Analyze Results

Now based on the reports check the results & proceed with the plans(out of many) which is useful.

#7. Be Patient: You’ll Get Slow and Permanent Results

Content related marketing leads to slow and steady results, which though take time to be visible but are long term and permanent.

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Content marketing is one of the best marketing tool in order to acquire and retain customers.

Hope you like this post. Don’t forget to share your views in comment box below!

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