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VoIP offers many useful, advanced & interesting features for business & individual purpose. Thats why many small businesses are switching to VoIP technology. In our previous article, we’ve discussed how can VoIP technology improve voice communication – Read Here.

Here are some amazing features of VoIP which can help your business. Take a Look!

1. Caller ID

VoIP offers caller ID feature which allows you to see who is calling you before pick up the phone. Caller ID feature provides name of the person as registered with service provider. It is very useful feature whenever you don’t want to receive calls from particular person.

2. Voice-mail

It is a voice message which a caller leaves when a person don’t receive call or busy in another conversation. These all messages stored in your voice mailbox. It allows to take voice-mail from different callers at same time. You can see all the messages in your mailbox at your leisure.

3. Call Waiting

Every call is important for your business, thats why call waiting feature is very important for busy professionals. If you are busy on the phone & another caller calls you, you hear a notification sound, and you can take this call or send to voice-mail. Thus, you will not miss your important calls with call waiting feature.

4. Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is a simple & powerful feature which helps you to forward incoming calls from your phone to other phone or your mobile device so that calls are never missed. It allows to stay connected with your callers.

5. Call Blocking

This feature allows you to block unwanted calls. With call blocking feature you don’t have to change your number to avoid unwanted calls. You only have to add their number to call blocking list, and unwanted people can’t reach you.

6. Phone Number Portability

You can use your phone number with VoIP. You don’t need to change your number. With phone number portability feature you can keep your existing business number and you can do your business with better phone service.

7. Work Globally

This feature helps many businesses to work from anywhere. You can connect with your callers over your VoIP phone number from any location in the world. Marketers can easily work from home without any interruption in conversation with clients or anyone.

8. Do Not Disturb

You can use this when you need silence or doing some important work & don’t want to be disturbed. Your phone will not ring & you can work in peace.

9. Multi Ring

This feature allows you to set more than one phone to ring. When caller calls you, your office phone, cell phone or any other phone ring at the same time. Ring will be stop when you receive call. So, you won’t miss important calls.

10. Caller ID Block

It allows to hide your identity. You can use this feature if you want to keep your caller ID from being displayed on outbound calls.

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