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Do you want to build strong relationships around your brand?” “Do you want to get more potential customers?” “Are you using apps to boost social media marketing?”

With social media apps, marketers can stay up-to-date on social activities without the hassle.

Here you’ll discover some social media apps to boost social media marketing & increase productivity.

1. SocialBro – The #1 Marketing Platform for Twitter

SocialBro uses a combination of tweet analytics and content optimization to find the tweets your audience responds to most. Analyze, engage & monetize your twitter audience.

2. TrendSpottr – Transforming Social Media Noise Into Actionable Early Signals

TrendSpottr is a real-time trend intelligence platform that predicts emerging content, influencers and sentiment for any topic or search query. Identify viral trends & news.

3. NeedTagger – Find New Customers on Twitter

NeedTagger combines powerful natural language filters and your keywords to identify people on Twitter that need your products, services, content and advice.

4. Zuum – Connect with Influencers

Zuum works with all major social networks and watches a variety of analytics and reporting to show you what content your customers engage with most.

5. Nimble – Simply Smarter Social CRM. Turn Communities Into Customers.

Nimble is a combination social media management and networking app. It focuses on building relationships with your contacts, no matter which social network they’re on.

6. ContentGems – Content Marketing Software Tool to Find and Share Great Content

ContentGems accelerates your content marketing and helps marketers. Quickly find and share the most valuable content in one easy-to-use platform.

7. Reputology – Customer Engagement Platform

Reputology monitor your online reputation. Reputology constantly scans the internet for what customers are saying about your business. Identify opportunities to Improve.

8. Feedly – Read More. Know More

A single place to read your favorite newspapers, magazines and blogs. The app allows you to subscribe to your favorite feeds and discover new information.

9. Falcon Social – Social Media Management for Enterprise

Manage Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Youtube networks all from this handy platform. schedule blogs, tweets and posts etc. Listen and engage.

10. Locowise – Surprisingly easy to use social media analytics

Monitor campaigns, analyze results, and create insightful reports in just minutes all within a single platform. Locowise reveals the true value of your social campaign.

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