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#10 Deadly Mobile Oriented Emails Techniques

In the last article we taught you that why it’s necessary to make your Email or Email Newsletters a Mobile Friendly. You must have understood  till now that why it’s really important. Now in this article we are going to solve the answer of your question that you must have raised after reading the last article. “How?”

Many of you must have worked on how to make our emails land correctly on computers but what about the most used mobile devices with 7 inches or less screens? This requires a complete different technique if we compare it to the  traditional email design. Trust me, it’s different but not typical we need not to apply any rocket science. Go through the tips given.

#1. Create a Mobile Version Email

If you are using right tools this is quite easy then  all you have to do is to make sure that your emails got a link for the mobile version, which can make your email clearly visible and clickable.

To work less you can even make a mobile oriented version of email and can send the same single version to all your recipients without thinking of in which device they will use to open your email. Next coming tips from 2 to 10 will guide you how to do this.

#2. Large Fonts and Precise Content

13 pixels font size can work as the standard size for your emails make sure that that you are using even larger size for subheadings and headings. Remember, if your emails have words in extreme, you have major risk for your email being deleted.

Larger fonts is for showing that the most important message that you want to convey can be seen on first glance, this will make your email attractive and therefore provide you positive response rates.

#4. Make Your Call-to-Action Buttons Most Prominent

Your subscription page, your signup form your latest news link or whatever is it, it’s good to make it easy for your users to head them where you want them to focus. Make these important buttons at least up to 40 x 40pixels. If it’s difficult for them to recognize your button then probably you’re going to lose a large number of subscribers.

#5. Maintain A < 600 pixels For Your Emails

Always customize your emails up to 600 Pixels  to make it desktop or web clients friendly, but for mobile devices you should take it down a little. Besides iOS, almost all the other mobile operating systems do not adjust your email to fit the width of it’s screen.

If you’re including an image wider than 300pixels at the top or the starting of your mail , your email is likely to be none other than a large white space upon receipt. Nothing can be notice by you subscribers other than “spam me” than an email created this way.

#6. Go For Single Columns

When you’re designing emails only for desktop you can use multi-column layouts, but this can be proved risky for mobile devices because for that you need all to be done within  600pixels.

#7. Subject Lines > 40 Characters

If you’re trimming  out your content, also apply this to your subject lines. This is not suggested only for mobiles but for desktop emails as well.The rule for subject line is describe your whole email within 40 characters .Be creative and attracting regarding subject lines and don’t forget to cut it out  

#8. Don’t Stack Links on Top of One Another

Over Mobile Phones It is easy and usual  to click on the other link if your link is just a tiny pixel away from the corresponding link. Either make those links large enough or maintain a distance between them so users can navigate to your link through the email easily.

#9. Go for Rules of Traditional Email Design

There are little changes in the way to design your email. Tables are still there for layout. HTML5 and some of the CSS3 features is still dysfunctional in email.

#10. Think Twice For Image Mapping

This is recommended for mobile emails only and sometimes not for desktop emails not only because of the image blocking problem but because your linked areas might be present at the wrong area or problematic to click on screen.

Companies which use image-mapping for their emails used to send emails with a single large image in the body with negligible text. So be careful and think twice before mapping your images.

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