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10 Email Marketing Thoughts By Some Really Motivational Influencers


Do you remember the sound?

You’ve got a mail!

It’s one of those remarkable days of the internet when we were finding our way through what actually is www.

The time now has changed a lot, although thanks to the AOL for making us addicted for emails.

Now we found so many other words like tweet, like, share instead of the word ‘message’. But it doesn’t prove that people have less affection towards email.

It can be said that in the increasing noise of social media email is now becoming the place to find something for you and only for you. A place far from the noise of publicity and socialism which let you relax being only and only you and nobody else can interfere in between.

So, being a marketer what I can suggest you it is the best time for email marketing is now to let your customers feel that how important and personal they are for you.

Not only me but there a lot of famous digital marketers, authors, entrepreneurs and speakers who thinks in the same trail.

In our previous post, we have introduced some of the famous and really inspiring personalities before you whom you can follow on social media to learn all the advanced techniques from them which can turn your way to success.

Here are their own words for what they deem about Email Marketing.

1. “Your email content has to be compelling and in line with the subscriber’s stated needs and their behavior. Done correctly you have not only increased relevancy and engagement – you’ve significantly increased sales and lifetime value.” – Scott Hardigree Founder at Indiemark

2. “Email subject lines are a form of a headline. They perform the same function as a headline by attracting attention and getting your email content a chance to be read.” – Brian Clark, Copyblogger

3. “Do subject lines matter? The short answer is yes. The somewhat longer answer is, HELL YEAH.” – D J Waldow, Director of Marketing at ZignalLabs

4. “Emphasize value. The subject line is the first thing an email marketer should focus on crafting, not the last thing dashed off just before the campaign goes out the door. Assuming the sender’s email reputation is solid and their email is getting delivered, the subject line is the one thing everyone’s going to see.” – Ken Magill, President of the Magill Report

5. “I would recommend that anyone who thinks they need to prove the value of email in a world where Facebook is one of, if not the biggest sender of the email in the world, to stop sending email for a whole month and see if they keep their job.” – Dela Quist, Email Marketing Leader, CEO of Alchemy Worx

6. “Email is the most influential & powerful marketing channels out there.” – Neil Patel, Co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics, WSJ calls him a top influencer on the web

7. “Email remains an immensely credible and profitable channel, with an immense reach to boot. To not have it as an active part of your marketing portfolio is sub-optimal. Email = totally worth dating, engaging, marrying and having babies with.” – Avinash Kaushik, Author, Digital Marketing Evangelist

8. Actually email never really went away – but it’s back on the radar of many bloggers after a swing over the last few years away from it in favor of other mediums such as RSS. – Darren Rowse, Founder of ProBlogger

9. “I actually think email is a VERY strong platform at the moment. We all need to market in the year we live in. So right now, email is a killer app.” – Gary Vaynerchuk, Digital strategist and an Entrepreneur

10. “Email marketing is a powerful tool. If you’re not ready to do it right, you probably should hold off. A misbegotten email blast can infuriate your customers and prospects in seconds.” – Jay Baer,  author of the New York Times bestselling book(Youtility)

These were the famous words of some really famous and incredible people. Stay motivated and remain positive.

Make email marketing the best side of your marketing strategies.

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