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It takes a while to get perfect for a sales-person or ask the right questions to get qualified leads. What if we tell you that we can help you with these questions. Before learning about these questions, let’s know a little about the lead generation process. This process will feed your business with higher-quality leads. Sarv Lead Generation helps you reach your leads in time to create opportunities for your business. Using that, the chances of closing a deal will be higher than before. So let’s dive into the topic now.

Q1: What is the origin of leads?

Sales leads come from different sources. When a person decides to invest in your product, they make this decision by consulting from at least five different places. Some find you on social media, some on search engines, and some from other sources.

Q2: What attracts a customer to your brands?

Some brands think they know what attracts customers to them. But in some cases, the brand may not have the right idea. A brand may know the channel which is generating leads but what caused a customer to choose you is not always known. The simple way to know this is to ask your customers or to look a bit professional, use the word feedback or survey.

Q3: What is your approach to solving clients’ problems?

Evolution is the key to success. So as a brand, if you keep researching trends and new problems, you will be able to keep your brand on top. Solving real-life problems for your customers is what keeps a brand alive in the competition.

Q4: Who is involved in the process of decision-making?

When you try to convince your customers, first, try to understand all the elements or persons involved in their decision-making process. Find out about the role of your leads in the decision-making process. Like if you are targeting students to buy your product, the decision will be made by their parents. Students have no role here. This will help you invest your energy in the right place.

Q5: What are they looking for in you?

During a survey with your leads, ask them about their dream agency or brand? Give them some options or let them write freely. If you justify their needs, you know how important they are for you. If you do not, then it will help you know about the area of improvement.

Q6: What is the priority of your customers?

Every customer or client that approached you already has some ideas in their mind. They have decided already what they need to get done before anything else. To know what it is, simply ask them about their desire, their priority. This will help you judge the quality of the lead.

Q7: What is the budget they have?

When you partner with a customer, budget is the most important asset in your partnership. In most cases, people try to discuss the budget in their first call, which does not give a good impression. Try to leave it for this stage. If your sales team is good and knows how to place the price or budget part, you are already miles ahead of your competitors.

Q8: How are you the best decision-making help for them?

When a client approaches you, there is always something that will hold them back from investing in you. As a salesperson, it is your responsibility to find that thing. Whether it is budget, cloudy needs, or trust in you. Once you determine the issue, connect your lead with a person from your team who will address the problem better.

Q9: What is the past solution they had before?

Your lead will always compare you with the previous solution they had. If they are into you, that means they are looking for something better or extra than the previous one. So you should ask them about their past solution, so you can highlight where you outshine the previous solution they had.

Q10: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Knowing yourself is as important as knowing your leads. Tell your team to share their views as a lead. What are the areas where you shine and what are the areas your brand can work on? The same thing applies to the leads too. Ask them about their strengths and weaknesses. See how well they fit with your strengths and weaknesses. This will help your team with aligning the leads with your solutions.


These are the 10 questions you must add to your sales pitch. Knowing your leads is crucial before selling them your products. Answers to these questions will lead you to a well-structured sale. So now you know how these questions can help you with lead generation. What if I tell you that you can easily buy filtered and quality leads for your business? Check out for that purpose or contact us. Our team will guide you well there.

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