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Do you want to know about your target audience? If YES, The following article is based on this question. We’re going to discuss 11 helpful market research tools to know about your customers and audiences.

1. Typeform

Forms Done Awesomely.

Create beautiful, next-generation online forms with Typeform, the form & survey builder that makes asking questions easy & human on any device. Try it FREE!

2. Survey Monkey

Free online survey software. Create surveys and get answers.

SurveyMonkey is the world’s most popular online survey software. Create and publish online surveys in minutes, and view results graphically and in real time. SurveyMonkey provides free online questionnaire and survey software.

3. ClickInsights

Get more customer feedback using powerful email surveys.

Create a survey with your question and up to four possible clickable answers to be included in your email. Customers easily click on their answer, right inside your email. Stop missing out on critical insights.

4. Surveypal

Transform your online surveys into great customer experiences.

Use Surveypal to design beautiful, cross-device surveys that boost response rates. Simply drag & drop, publish and start collecting responses.

5. Survata

Consumer feedback for any business decision.

Survata for quality consumer research. Three easy steps:

1. You create a survey.

2. Survata target consumers to answer it.

3. You get answers fast.

6. Heat-Map

Easiest way to analyze web design and mock-ups.

Check how people perceive your sketches, mockups, designs and web prototypes with the help of heat map. Find out what elements users pay attention to. In just a few clicks and without codes to insert.

7. User Testing

Give your users a great experience.

Usability testing has never been easier. Get videos of real people speaking their thoughts as they use websites, mobile apps, prototypes and more! Expand your market research knowledge to know your customer.

8. Qualaroo

Voice of customer surveys – Uncover insights, find new growth.

Analytics tells you what people are doing, Qualaroo tells you why. Qualaroo website surveys uncover customer insights that lead to better business results. Try it free!

9. Temper

Find out how your customers feel about every aspects of your business.

Temper lets you easily measure customers’ moods at every touch-point over time so you can see how changes to your product or service affect overall satisfaction. Start measuring & improving customer experience right now!

10. Personapp

Isn’t it time you visualized your audience?

With Personapp, you can create quick and informal profiles for the different personas you’ve developed among your audience. After setting a name, title, and image for the persona, you can add in personal details like behaviors, demographics, and needs/goals.

11. Followerwonk

Twitter Analytics: find, analyze, and optimize for social growth.

Followerwonk helps you explore and grow your social graph. Thousands of people and brands use Followerwonk for social analytics.

See This Visual Below!

11 market research tools

What are your favorite tools for market research? Share them with us in the comments below!

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    I think you are missing one of the most trending tools at the moment that allows easy gathering of consumer insights from more than 260m respondents within a few hours. Have a look at Pollfish (

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