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12 new tools

Being a startup is one of the toughest job. Here’s a list of some tools I’ve found which can help you ease up the process of running your business and make your life easy. You can use theses tools to reduce your business expenses and increase the productivity of entrepreneurs and start-ups.

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1. Hightail

Share files, get feedback and take projects from concept to completion. Work faster. Unite your team. More creative, less process.

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2. Clip+

The simple but powerful clipboard manager that you’ve always needed. Copy text from ANY app, store it in CLIP+, then quickly access it from Notification Center to paste back into any app.

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3. Social Status

Social Status is Google Analytics for social media. Track and report key feedback metrics against competitors.

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4. 2Do

2Do was designed to meet your need for speed. Sync with multiple devices running 2Do with a sync method of your choice. Be versatile, be in control, be organized.

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5. Skype

Skype keeps the world talking – for free. Call, share, message and express yourself with new Skype. Millions of people use Skype every day.

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6. Dashlane

Better Security, Greater Productivity, No Worries. Dashlane keeping your business secure and your team productive. 30 Days Free Trial!

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7. TextMe Up

Use your phone like your email with TextMe Up’s smart numbers. if you’re selling an item online, you can create a TextMe Up number just for that.

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8. Primer

Create high converting new user experiences without code. Personalize based on traffic source. Deploy native screens in between releases.

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9. ToolSalad

A curated directory of 240+ online marketing tools categorized and ranked by awesomeness – SEO, Conversion, Web Design, Traffic, Affiliates, Analytics and more.

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10. Workboard

Workboard is the app leaders use to align goals, execution and feedback in real time. It is free to use for as long as you want and with an unlimited number of people.

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11. Button

Effortless partnerships and beautiful app connections that drive commerce. Button is partnered with the fastest-growing commerce companies in the world.

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12. Concord

Concord is changing the way people create, sign, and file contracts. Free & unlimited e-signature, collaboration, and contract management.

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