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15 Facts To Prove Email Marketing Is Still Alive & Blooming!

We have already said you earlier and keep on saying that Email Marketing is not Dead and it won’t till the next decade.

Definitely, there are a lot of new sources that have come into the limelight to push ahead of digital marketing, like social media, mobile marketing, and whatnot. There is no doubt that these sources will provide your business a great exposure but think once when it comes to a one on one talk, which channels you like to prefer?

When it comes to having private and confidential communication, which channel you trust the most? When it comes to spreading a message to all your customer, which channel becomes the cheapest for you.

Yes! It’s an email…

Even if you’re giving big exposure to your company on social media but when it comes to declaring something as your own private channel. The email comes into the role every time.

This proves that people still like, trust, eat, sleep, and breathe email. If you’re still in the dilemma that you should spend your time on email marketing rather than investing in some other channel.

Here are 15 facts to prove email marketing is still alive.

1. The number of email users currently is 2.6 billion over the world and is expected to grow to over 2.9 billion by 2019.(Source)

2. Email is the most effective digital marketing technique for B2B marketers, with 31% saying it has the biggest impact on revenue. (Source)

3. Across all age groups, email is the preferred method of communicating with companies. However, while more than 60% of those aged 55 and older like to communicate with companies by postal mail, just 29% of millennials say the same. (Source)

4. Millennials are the age group most likely to check their email from bed (62%), from the bathroom (55%), or while driving (27%). (Source)

5. 75% of Gmail’s 900 million users access their accounts on mobile devices. (Source)

6. Direct marketers say email has the highest ROI of any marketing tactics. Mobile falls near the bottom of the list, however, below direct mail and just ahead of paid search advertising. (Source)

7. Asked about all the different devices they use to open and read emails, 93% of consumers use a laptop or desktop computer; 67% use a smartphone and 42% use tablets. (Source)

8. The number of mobile e-mail users is predicted to grow by 22% in 2015 and 23% in 2016. (Source)

9. Email marketing was the biggest driver of Black Friday transactions, with 25.1% of sales originating from the marketing channel. (Source)

10. 89% of marketers say that email is their primary channel for lead generation. (Source)

11. Email is the first priority to start the day. 58% of adults check their email first thing in the morning. (Source)

12. Relevant emails drive 18X more revenue than broadcast emails. Use the data you’ve collected to segment your subscribers, and create targeted, personalized emails. (Source)

13. The average open rate for welcome emails is a whopping 50%, making them 86% more effective than email newsletters. So, an automated welcome is a no-brainer. (Source)

14. 61% of consumers like to receive weekly promotional emails and 28% want them even more frequently. (Source)

15. In 2011, mobile accounted for 8% of email opens, compared to 2015 with 55% opens on mobile. (Source)

So, these were some of the incredible reports to make you aware that stop getting confused and start working for your Email Marketing.

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