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16 Email Marketing Terms To Make You An Expert

Email Marketing is becoming the heart of the inbound marketing strategy. It’s getting used by almost every marketer in today’s world. But if you’re a newbie in this lane then it can be very confusing for you.

We know that your business is your dream and if there is something you’re going to introduce in your business then you should be aware of each and every part of that strategy.

If you’re in something, then know everything about it, it’s the latest update, all its norms and every big, short and important term.

So here are important terms related to email marketing that you need to know if you’re going to use it.

1. Acceptable Spam Report Rate

It is the rate at which you have the probability to be reported as SPAM. It is believed that 1 report per 1000 emails will get a warning. But this won’t  harm your sender reputation.

2. Bounce Rate

It is the rate of how many emails are not delivered. An acceptable bounce rate is usually less than 5%.

3. Bulk Mail

Bulk Mail is sending a large scale emails which contain the same content in every people to a large number of people at the same time.

4. CAN-Spam

Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act is an act established in 2003.which outlines all the rules for commercial email, and provides right to email recipients to make you stop emailing them, and punish you for violations of the Act.

5. CPM (Cost Per Thousand)

It generally refers to the cost per 1000 names in email marketing’s rental list. So if you’re investing $450 for a rental list then for per email I.D you’re paying $.45.

6. Conversion rate

The rate at which people respond to the call-to- action option provided in your email. You can also take it as the rate of your email campaign’s success.

7. Double Optin

Double Optin is a very effective and descent method an email list, this includes subscribers to confirm their opt in by clicking a link sent to the email id provided by them only, so as to confirm that the subscriber wants to subscribe to your website.

8. Email Sponsorships

It is a process of buying space for ads in an email newsletter or sponsoring articles or specific articles. For inserting the ads into the email advertisers pay to the email providers.

9. Hard Bounce

It is the bounce or fail of an email to deliver properly in the inbox of the recipient because of some reasons like blocked email address, non-existence, etc.

10. House List

It is self-build email list which is created by your opt in. it’s a very important and valuable marketing step.

11. Landing Page

It is a page for capturing lead which is present on your website that is linked to from an email to provide the information about the products or services shown in the email’s call-to-action.

12. Open rate

It is the rate of emails opened in a campaign of email marketing, or the calculation of percent of email  opened of the total email sent.

13. Opt-in

Opt-in is the getting subscribed to an email list is to give permission to receive email communications by providing your email address to a company. It is the best and the most decent way to increase your email list. You can also include list segmentation into it which means something your subscribers according to their interest.

14. Spam

An email sent to anyone without their opt-in is spam. Over 90% of emails are considered as spam.

15. Spam Trap

An email address which is not valid anymore but it was earlier. If you email through this email address, you can receive a hard bounce notice.

16. Whitelist

Whitelists are usually generated by an ISP (internet service provider) and are created by  commercial mailers (including ESPs) who have the approval

to send emails. The IP (internet protocol) is required by the ISP with addresses that email will be sent from.

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